Penguins are cute! But fella, when somebody calls you an overstuffed penguin, your neurons start boiling up….

Chilly nights give you a hard time for sure. But, ah! You don’t have to hide yourself in never-ending layers.

The gently falling snowflakes, the frosted windows, and blanketed roads all herald one thing, winters! But with all these beautiful signs comes the feelings of shabby wardrobes.

The winter doesn’t need to depict a shabby and bulky wardrobe, does it?

Do we need to become next (How’ you doin’)

Oh, you got it right. I am talking about Mr. Food lover “Joey?”

Winters and freezing temperatures do not mean that we should be opting for hibernation.  What we need is to awaken the hibernating creativity and revamp our sense of fashion!

The major winter fashion dilemma

This picture might sound like an exaggeration, but in reality, we do tend to mess up. Layering can be difficult with the confusion about what goes on top and what goes innermost. The trick is to mix and match the right way and ensure that you look flawlessly classy!

With five to six layers awaiting to be adorned, turning into a human snowman is a great possibility. This is why we have come up with a fashion guide for you to sort the layers and create a killer combination that looks effortlessly sophisticated and requires the least effort.

The winter wardrobe must-haves!

A swish of a wand, and here comes the pile of bulky winter wear. So time to say bye to polar bear days and wave hello to rivetingly snappy and refreshing winter fashion.

Boots give a fashion re-boot like no other:

Boots can be styled with every outfit.  Be it jeans, skirts or dresses. All you need is to identify what look you like best. Boots, though classified as an accessory they can literally add the oomph factor like anything.  Here are some ways you can make use of them when layering:

  • They can be worn over stockings.
  • Your skinny jeans can be paired up with the boots.
  • Even your capris can be worn with long boots.

Leather Jacket- the key to layering

Leather jackets are an eternal clothing item, and the best part is that they are like long term investments with major returns.  So you can very easily rely on the leather jacket to help you during the chilly weather. They can be worn over any dress and work for informal and formals.

For example, this beautiful, chic powder blue jacket is another option that you can opt for amongst the blue Leather Jackets possibilities. You can use it as the outer most layer, with hi-necks, cardigans, and shirts inside.

Faux- fur to avoid winter fashion faux-pas

A winter without fur should not be happening! It is the only season of the year where you can flaunt the different furs that are sitting in your closet.

So time to take them out, dust them free and use them to style the outfits like a pro. If you do not have them, then it is time to get one. You can wear fur scarves, fur mittens, and hats. Even fur jackets that help you look like you have just walked out of fashion magazine!

Make use of the versatility of the scarves

No please don’t be confused; scarves are not only meant to be wrapped around your head. They definitely have the potential to do much more. You can wrap them around the neck to keep the chilly weather out.

If you are looking to try experimentation, then we would suggest you can go styling it the following ways:

  • Drape it around your shoulder in a knot.
  • Let it flow down from your shoulders and belt it at the waist.
  • Tie it up like a turban.
  • Tie it in a loose knot around your neck.

Get carried away with the cardigans

Cardigans are meant to be worn on top. A good but typically old-fashioned idea. Today you can do much more with your cardigan. You can wear it over a shirt and then put on a coat. Or belt the cardigan at the waist to get rid of the frumpy look and show off your petite figure.

The layering trick

The whole idea about keeping warm and still be fashionably correct is to layer right. Wearing bulky clothing items like cardigans or sweaters as the mid or base layer is sure to make you look like you have gained extra pounds overnight.

Cardigans can be used as the mid-layer, but then you have to go for the thin ones. So that whole giant look can be avoided. Wearing heavy jackets as the outer layer will make sure that you look chic and classy. Once you are inside, you can very easily remove them and be comfortable.

Usually, when people opt to wear multiple things, they make the mistake of not pairing them well. In some cases, they end up looking like they have taken half of their closet!

Sumptuous and effortlessly striking outfit examples!

Using the above guide, we are sure you can mix and match the stuff in your closet to whip up some delightfully enchanting looks. To help you along, here are a few examples that you can use to dress to heat things around you!

Leather jacket, ripped jeans, stockings, scarf, cardigan, simple tee, formal shirt

These items are an essential part of your wardrobe. Here is how you can pair and layer to make it all work.

  1. Wear the simple tee as the innermost layer.
  2. Wear a formal shirt on top of it.
  3. Adorn the cardigan and let the sleeves of your shirt peek (trust us it adds the perfect touch).
  4. Wear the leather jacket on top.
  5. Tie up the scarf in the loose knot.
  6. Who says ripped jeans cannot be worn in winter.
  7. Get your stockings out. If you are looking for a subtle touch, wear blacks, whites, or nudes. If you are all for adding colors, then wear any bright colored stocking under the ripped jeans.

Fur jacket, long coat, formal shirt, skirt, boots, belt, stockings, and tights

Woah, do not consider this an impossible feat. Here is how you can design a killer look.

  1. Wear your formal shirt.
  2. Wear the long coat and tie it up with a belt.
  3. Wear your stockings.
  4. Then wear your tights (since skirts can get chilly).
  5. Put on the skirt.
  6. Wear your long boots.
  7. Fur jacket goes on the top, and you are ready to rock it!

Leather jacket, a full sleeves round neck sweater, formal shirt, a simple tee, jeans and boots

Winter fashion is not only for women! Men also fuss and stumble when deciding what to wear and how to wear during this weather.

  1. Wear the simple tee.
  2. Put on your formal shirt and leave the top buttons open.
  3. Wear around sweater and adjust the collars for the boyish look.
  4. Garb those jeans.
  5. Sling the leather jacket.
  6. Put on your boots.

Just heard the whistle, did you already step out!

Final word

So hopefully, you know what to do this winter and walk out like a pro of layering. You do not need to spend hefty amounts to buy the winter articles. All you need is a bit of analysis of your current wardrobe and pair things up the right way to beat yourself at your fashion game!