Furniture is one of the crucial things that gives the home a special charm. While comfort is usually the main aspect that you focus on when shopping for furniture, it’s also important to take into account the material and fabric of your sofas, armchairs, tables and other furniture. They should last long and in order for you to preserve them, it’s necessary you take care of them properly.

Maintenance of Textile

All the dirt and dust in your home is one of the main reasons why fabrics don’t last as long as you’d like them to. Since regular vacuuming of the furniture isn’t always enough, it’s necessary that you clean the fabric as well. Foaming cleansers are one of the best recommendations, so be sure to invest in one and have clean and durable furniture. If you accidentally spill something on a couch or a sofa, be sure to clean it immediately, so that the furniture isn’t ruined with a stain. You’ll remove a new stain a lot easier than if you leave it for some time. Leather is especially sensitive material, so don’t use ammonia water, detergent soaps, abrasive cleaners, varnish, or furniture polish, but remove the stains with a sponge or clean soft cloth and lukewarm water.

In order to preserve the colour and durability of the fabric, it’s important that you keep the furniture away from the sunlight. If your room has plenty of sunlight, be sure to invest in curtains or blinds, not only to keep the furniture durable, but to protect yourself form the harmful UV rays as well. If you have pets that you keep inside the house, try to keep them away from the furniture because they will damage it a lot. Scraping, nails and hair of the four-legged friends will shorten the life of a fabric. Use leather creams and conditioners to protect coated leather. However, if the material of your furniture is uncoated leather, the creams will change the colour of the leather, so make sure you know which type of leather you’ve chosen.

Wooden Surfaces


Wood is a very sensitive material, and it needs special care in order to last long and look nice. Avoid keeping wooden tables, chairs and other furniture on the sunlight or near any source of heat. All the warmth coming from heaters, fireplaces or sunlight will weaken the glued connections, and cause the wood to change its colour and strength. Water and soap is all you need to clean wooden surfaces of untreated wood. Be sure that the surface is completely dry before you put any object on top of it or cover it with a cloth. Lacquered and painted wood surfaces such as dining tables require cleaning with a damp cloth.

Steel and Plastic Surfaces


Steel surfaces can be cleaned with a soft cloth. A thin layer of wax with silicone would be a good way to protect furniture. Keep plastic surfaces clean by whipping them off with a damp cloth and a bit of detergent. Additionally, if your garden furniture is made of plastic, be sure to keep it in warm temperature during the winter months, so that the plastic doesn’t become fragile under the influence of low temperature.

Good maintenance is essential for long durability of furniture. Regular cleaning, vacuuming and polishing will provide your couches, sofas, tables and other furniture with long life. Therefore, be sure you’re well informed about the type of maintenance that your furniture requires. Pay special attention to leather, keep your pets away from the furniture and don’t use any harsh chemicals when you start cleaning and you won’t have to worry about buying new furniture for years.