The laboratory management system not only manages the clinical laboratory, it can be beneficial to all the aspects of the business as well. To maintain the huge pressure of large numbers of specimens and to provide quality services to the patients, the lab management software can provide various essential features. Now, let us discuss few of them.

Efficient Sample Management: The samples which are recorded in the lab information management systems are provided with barcodes and unique numbers. All the activities can be performed according to the details recorded through that particular number. Therefore, all the actions are traceable with the regulatory compliance which can improve the effectiveness of the lab by improving the turnaround times.

Data Capture Directly from Lab Instruments: This feature of the management software helps in capturing the data directly from the instruments with high speed and accuracy. It can help in the lab performance with proper compliance standards. The number of retests can be reduced for saving both the time and money of the laboratory.

Data Accessibility: The historic data and the records can easily be accessed through the searching tools. The data analysis can be done by using the past information for improving the productivity of the business.


In-built Calculations: In-built calculation methods can help in avoiding the errors that can be caused through the manual processing. The cost of retesting can also be avoided if the result of the calculations remains with zero errors.

Traceability: The software of the lab management system can provide security in various levels. So, the audit trails can help to trace the entire activities and provide accountability.

Reagent Tracking Method: This can be a very essential feature where the reagents and the chemicals can be tracked easily. It will help to manage the stock in the proper way. The software can help to let you know when your stock gets expired and when the new stocks should arrive. It can also notify you before 30 days from the expiry date. The software therefore can help the users to select only the chemicals which have not crossed their expiry dates. This will definitely help in maintaining the compliance issues and can also avoid the retesting.

Scheduling and Notification: Multiple schedules can be tracked simultaneously.  The schedules of the software can easily be created, updated and negated from any point during the lifecycle process. The canned reports can be modified at any point of time by referencing with the database dictionary with the details of the database structures.

Templates and Equipments: The power of templates can be created and the assets can be managed with the system. The unlimited number of equipments, information of the vendors, records of the companies can be easily stored. Previously entered data can be re used with the help of this software. The equipment setup can be customized and the changes can be transferred to the next level with the help of the indicators.

Financial Information and Charges: By matching the general ledger numbers, the different charge types can be created. All the charges can be managed through different template levels and various services. Different charges can be automatically added for improving the performance of the technicians. The discount rules can be added through each customer and the charges can be compiled to a single export file for the accounting purposes.

By configuring the lab software in your business, you can definitely meet up the business requirements and provide quality service to your patients. The software can save a lot of your expenses that can be incurred through the manual processing.