The academic year always seems to be flying and for fresher’s, it was just like yesterday and suddenly the annual exams are on their doorsteps.  But, there is no need to get upset and panic. There are many ways to avoid the nerves and the stress that deadlines can create. Follow our safe-list to be organized and focus on the next exams and course deadlines.

Make a plan

By the end of the mid-year, you are well aware when the final semesters will begin, yet the actual dates will be unexpected. So, now you should gear up to set a target for yourself and map the daily schedule. Whether it’s the research work, reading or writing; you need to set the target and maintain a record of every achievement you are doing in your academic calendar. Pen down the important dates in your calendar and see much time you are taking for a course to complete and what is your next prime.

Don’t forget to take breaks

It has been observed quite frequently that the productivity of the student always increases when students take regular breaks between courses. By managing the chunks in between the acts of learning, students’ needs to remain engaged and to keep their focus on the subject. It is recommended to take a 15-minute break after 45 or 60 minutes working on your desk. Just pop outside for a fresh air or have a quick tidy, we guarantee your brain will certainly give a big Thank you.

Relaxed study environment

If you have to make up your mind to study from home, well, you need to make sure that nobody disturbs you as you need focused attention and the room must be clean. You need to know what you need. You will find another place where you feel comfortable studying. Add some calm music will help you in putting all the axis together which will give a big boost to the study heaven.

Don’t get distracted

It is very easy nowadays to get distracted by mobile phones. The buzzing of the social media notifications will always hang in to scroll down and you will be like what to do. Well, the latest batch of software developers has already developed new apps which block all the messages and notifications from websites for a period of time. Software like “Stay Focused” and “Offtime” will allow students to filter modes and only emergency numbers can have access to your cellphones when you are studying, this will certainly allow you to stay focus.

Do not become an all-nighter

Thinking that staying all night awake and studying will not be good as you need to be healthy and by doing all-nighters you can easily have lack of sleep which will impede your work.  So swap some extra cups of tea or some extra cans of Red Bull to get the necessary hours of sleep every night.

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