While there are many important factors to consider during a wedding, getting the perfect dress is one of the most important considerations for a bride. Girls often dream about their wedding days from a very little age and the wedding dress is one of the main factors of the magical appeal for a wedding. Weddings are showcased as this magical moment where every girl gets her chance to fulfill all of her fantasies about being a princess. However, in the quest for the perfect wedding dress, people often get carried away and lose sight of what’s important amidst all the excitement. If you want to make sure that you get the perfect dress for your perfect wedding, here are some important factors to consider.

1-Find something that falls within your budget

The most important thing you need to do in order to find the perfect outfit is to set aside a budget for it. While designer dresses look dreamy and nobody can make a wedding dress like Vera Wang, often times clothing from expensive designers may not fall into your budget range. However, that’s not a reason to despair as you can find many similar lower-priced options at local boutiques. Another popular trend that has risen up due to sky-high prices of designer wedding dresses has been getting the gown stitched by someone from scratch so you can get your dream dress without breaking the bank. You may have the impulse to spend a fortune on wedding dresses, after all, it’s your special day but remember that you need to save money for other aspects of the wedding too. You can’t just show up in a ridiculously expensive gown at a mediocre location with no arrangements.

2-Begin the process of selection as soon as you can

Movies and TV shows often show you that a woman sees the wedding dress she wants and instantly knows that it’s the one. The truth is, however, a little different as you may fall in love with a dress only after trying countless other dresses over a long period of time. Wedding experts often advise that the search for the perfect gown should begin at least a year in advance. If you do not have that much time frame, you can begin the search as soon as you can. Finding the perfect dress will take a lot of your time and patience. You need to do a lot of research to find designers or sales that will allow you to buy the dress you want at an affordable price. Give yourself ample time to choose between different options. You do not want to commit to a dress only to fall in love with another dress.

3-Match your dress to the type of the wedding you want

Imagine a fun beach wedding. You are surrounded by your closest friends and your bridesmaids are wearing cute little dresses while you are wearing a Victorian Collar full sleeved wedding dress in the summer heat. Now imagine yourself in a church surrounded by the groom’s super conservative family while you are wearing a sexy sheer wedding dress. Both these scenarios sound off as the wedding gown does not match the theme of the wedding. There’s nothing wrong with princess gowns as long as they go with the theme of the wedding. There are plenty of beautiful white dresses with different styles. While you should not completely base your wedding dress on these factors, they should play at least some part in the choice. Your dress depends on whether you want a super formal or casual wedding, the theme of your wedding, the place where you’re getting married etc.

4-Keep comfort as a deciding factor

Think of it like this, however glamorous the Victorias Secret angels look with their wings on TV, do you think you would be able to wear those wings for an extended period of time? Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most joyous times of your life. How joyous would it be if you are spending the whole wedding thinking of different ways to go to the bathroom without ruining your wedding dress, or if you are thinking of positions to sit in that allow you a little bit of comfort? Elaborate designs may look great on paper but you need something that not only looks good but also makes you feel good. When trying on a dress, try to emulate dancing, sitting and other positions that you might do on the actual wedding day to get a close approximation of how the wedding dress might feel. Important factors to consider include the weather, so you are not sweating through your velvet gown in an outdoor wedding in summer and your weight as brides often ends up gaining or losing a few pounds due to the stress of the wedding.

Besides all of this, one key fact that you need to remember is that while a fishtailed dress looked nice on Pippa Middleton or that every one of your friends wore wedding dresses in unconventional colors, that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. It is your special day and you should wear something that makes you feel like the best possible version of yourself.

Image Source: pexels.com