Are you fond of video games? Do you want to learn more about mobile game development? Then you should definitely check out the following facts that will amaze you.

To begin with, we all need games. Games help us relax, learn, develop competitive skills, and prove to ourselves that we can achieve everything. Thanks to a booming tech world, the mobile game development business will keep developing. Games have the power to define computing, and everyone has at least 3 games on their iPads and iPhones.

The future of mobile game development is now

With billions of smart devices sold worldwide, now it’s the perfect time to have a successful career in the mobile developing industry. The boost in app development is directly linked to mobile games. Millions of people around the world download apps and games, so now it’s the perfect time to use social media and promote a business.

The mobile gaming industry is worth billions of dollars

It’s really interesting to hear that huge businesses such as BigFish, Rovio, and Chillingo have the capacity to include whichever app they want into their famous TOP 10 featured by the US App Store without paying anything for advertisements. They rely only on the cross promotion strategies present in their applications.

In Asia, a fairly successful game brings in about $100-500k per month. Therefore, the expression “fairly successful” refers to a freemium game that features 30-50k DAU and 200-300k installs. Besides, the most appreciated game included in the Korean App Store brings in from $300 to $500k daily.

Interesting mobile game development facts to have in mind


It’s obvious that the mobile game development industry keeps growing, and increasingly more games keep showing up on the Android and iOS market every single day. Sonic games 365 is one of those games which is always like by everyone especially adults. However, there’s so much more to the area than meets the eye, so let us check out some of the most interesting facts related to mobile gaming:

  • The Finnish gaming company called Supercell makes $4m per day thanks to its two freemium games referred to as Hay Day and Clash of Clans.
  • HTML5 technology continues to be inappropriate when it comes to high-end game development since there are some performance problems.
  • Virtual joysticks are considered wicked, since players have to manipulate items directly.
  • In case your app features more than 50MB, you have the possibility to utilize Wi-Fi targeting options when it comes to certain advertising networks.
  • In order to create attractive games, specialized gaming developers hire expert psychologists to aid them when it comes to game starts and tutorial matters, in order for users to be more engrossed through their initial game session.
  • If a user spends a lot of time enjoying his initial game session, he is likely to become a paying player, and gaming developers are highly interested in this aspect.
  • Generally, individuals don’t pay attention to the content featured by pop-up windows since they believe it’s nothing else but a simple advertisement.
  • As far as Latin America is concerned, if the traffic exceeds 1MB per minute, issues start popping up. The tablets utilized there are not very efficient because individuals are interested in paying more money only for smartphones.
  • Approximately every western game released within China comes late, since regional mobile app developers have already replicated all thriving western games.
  • When a certain app manages to preserve a superior rank position in the App Store for about four to five days, you can be sure that it’s not a trick and that things are for real.
  • When it comes to Android devices, you should know that pre-install deals with carriers continue to be a powerful distribution technique.
  • A wide range of developers utilize checkout processes on different websites such as eBay and Amazon as point of reference in rightsizing their monetization.
  • Chinese gamers are not interested in purchasing games entirely. They prefer to opt for free varieties, but if they come across a game that they really love, they end up spending a lot of money on in-app purchases.
  • Western players don’t like to show off the premium items they have purchased to improve their game play, but this doesn’t apply to Chinese gamers. They totally love talking big about game upgrades purchased by them.
  • The huge corporation referred to as Rovio is turning itself from a successful mobile app development business into an entertainment one due to the great earnings brought by all sorts of toys, licenses, as well as gadgets. Additionally, Rovio considers that animation smoothness has a greater significance in comparison with the graphics’ quality.