After the long waiting, Rovio has finally launched newest version of Angry Birds on Facebook yesterday, along with several new features, including power-ups and Facebook-exclusive levels. Anyone who’s played the game on a tablet, smartphone, in Google Chrome, Google+ or elsewhere will be able to slide right in to game play.


The Facebook version of Angry Birds is not just a clone of the smartphone and tablet game, however, as there are many unique elements that take advantage of social networking. It includes four new power-ups, including “sling scope” (for better targeting), “king sling” (for more power and velocity), “super seeds” (to supersize your bird, turning it into a “pig popping giant”), and “birdquake” (to shake the battlefield and bring down pigs’ defenses). Besides being gifted with power-ups, players can earn them through game play or purchase them.

angry birds facebook interface

Even better — anyone who plays the game between now and Feb. 16 will receive 14 free power-ups as a special Valentine’s Day gift from Angry Birds developer Rovio. I have played Angry Birds on Google chrome, Google+ also on Android but now it was a news experience. If you are an Angry Birds player, please play it on Facebook now and also write a review here.