If you have been a big fan of automotive technology, you are probably used to shopping for accessories and components that your likely learned how to install yourself. If you are into performance tuning, car audio or infotainment systems, you are probably excited to know that automakers are starting to offer new models that are completely decked out with technology by the time they roll out of the assembly lines.

Finding new cars completely equipped with the latest technology is not as easy as visiting your local dealer showroom and driving your ideal vehicle right out of the lot. The fact is that the average American driver is not as interested as you are in auto technology; nonetheless, the following tips will let you find a car that appeals to the techie inside you:

Specialty Dealers

If you can find one of these dealers in your region, you will likely become a devoted customer. Some of these dealers are obvious choices; for example, Tesla Motors are known to thrive with technology, and thus you are in luck if you find a nearby dealer. Another idea is to go straight to a luxury dealer; if you can afford a BMW, Mercedes or Bugatti, the dealer will be glad to fully equip the car you want with all the infotainment, gadgets and performance upgrades you want. Korean automaker Kia is another brand that is known to pack their latest models with technology, and you can visit dealerships like Findlay Auto, a St. George Kia dealership in Utah, to learn more about the new gadgets and upgrades available.

Car Shows

This method is a lot of fun. Book tickets to a major car show or auto expo near you and look for the exhibitor that has a model you like with the tech you want. The next step is to talk to a brand representative and let him or her know that you are interested in a certain car. Naturally, concept cars are out of the question, but certain automakers are known to go the extra mile to promote their brand. If you are interested in a specific model, the representative at the show will tell you on what day you can visit a local dealership so that you can look at a trim that has all the tech you like.

Car Clubs

This is even more fun than car shows. Let’s say you are into performance tuning by Ford and are interested in interested in the Focus RS. From the car’s website, search for a local club to join. Manufacturers such as Ford are always happy to help local car clubs by organizing meetups and special events to showcase their latest stuff. Ford has been introducing the street-legal Focus RS in this fashion, and this just happens to be a car that is loaded with tech. There are additional perks in joining a car club; sponsored Focus clubs, for example, are known to invite rally pilots and put together summer barbecues for the entire family.

Robotics Clubs

The methods above are mostly for new cars coming out of the factories. If you are looking for used cars that are brimming with technology, your best bet will be robotics clubs. You don’t necessarily have to join the club if you are not interested, but you can certainly ask if there are members who are auto tech enthusiasts. Chances are that you will find more than one member; people who are into robotics tend to be natural born tinkerers who love to fill their lives with tech. A robotics club could be your gateway to cars that have been transformed into high-tech projects by enthusiasts who love Arduino programming as much as vehicles.

In the end, following any of the steps above may lead you to find the entrance to a wonderful great rabbit hole of auto technology.