Wearing the right neckline will either flatter your figure or will pull it all out of proportion. It’s easy to figure out what the right neckline would be for you and once you have determined it you’ll be on your way to selecting the shirts that bring out your best features. The three things that you’ll want to take in account to figure this out is the size of your bust, the shape of your body and the length of your neck.

The size of your bust

If you have a large bust you should be looking for a neckline that’s quite low but not one that goes so far down that it ends up accentuating your chest. As well, look for a shirt that doesn’t have a lot of details on it and appears quite plain.

If you have a smaller size of bust, crewnecks, cowlnecks and anything with a higher neckline will do. Women that are on the shorter side can also get away with scooped necks and low V-necks.

The shape of your body

If you’re dealing with narrow shoulders you would be best off with a neckline that is higher and runs straighter across the chest. If you have wider shoulders, however, you’ll want to be looking at a low type of scooped neck or a V-neck style of top.

The length of your neck

In general, if you have a long neck and want it to appear slightly shorter, a wider neckline that’s higher as well will shorten your neck down for you. If you have a short neck that you’d like elongated, look for slim low necklines for your neck shirt purchase.

When all else fails and you really don’t know which neckline to choose, you really can’t fail with a scooped neck that doesn’t go too far down. This is a classic look that can accentuate the positive aspects of any woman‘s body shape.

The next time you go shopping for a new shirt, blouse or sweater, remember these recommendations and try on a few different styles to see for yourself what a difference they make. Even if you’re not used to a certain neckline, give it a try! You may just be surprised to see a new you standing in front of the mirror looking back!