Imagine a life wherein you had absolutely no health issues. You looked and felt your best each and every day. Wouldn’t you want that? Well, it isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Nor does it cost a lot of money, if you are working on a budget. Here are some easy to apply tips to get that healthy lifestyle so many fitness gurus talk about.


A balanced diet is a vital component in being healthy. This means you should get your quota of fiber, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc each day. You need not consult a professional dietician for knowing what to eat. We all know what is good for our body and what isn’t. We grow up with our mother’s telling us to avoid foods having too much oil, fast food each night of the week, etc. All you need to do is follow your mom’s advice. Cut down on fried food and junk food as far as possible. This does not mean you give it up completely. Moderation is the key to having a healthy as well as happy body. Rather than starving your body of what it likes, start thinking of other ways to provide it. For instance, if you like fried chicken, try grilling it instead of deep frying. Also, incorporate fresh herbs and vegetables in your diet everyday. A salad can be a good snack between meals too. Learn to portion your meals according to how much you eat. Many ladies do this the other way around. They are either eating too less or too much just to finish the plate-full. Instead, eat until you are almost full and drink some water.


Exercise is most important. It not only gradually raises your level of endurance and works as a stress-buster, but also helps in flushing out toxins. Exercise is the only way to keep your physical body fit and active, regardless of age. Many women today, exercise at the gym. A majority of women feel the need to combine a weight loss diet with their exercise because of lack in desired results. The main reason for failure despite spending hours at the gym is the routine they follow which is, cardio exercises followed by weight training. Change the order and soon you will start seeing the difference. Another problem with the option of going to the gym is irregularity. Many women do not enjoy working out and tend to skip going whenever possible. But what if you could go with your boyfriend or best friend? That would be a whole different story, right. So, enroll them. Exercising with a person you like spending time with can make it more fun and keep you focused.


Keeping healthy and fit is not just about eating right and exercising. Another imperative ingredient in achieving the fitness level you desire is by getting involved in activities that you like or sound fun. For example, take up a sport or allot 30 minutes playtime with your kids, where you go outside and play. You could also take up some volunteer work for an NGO or a cause that you feel strongly for. These activities make you joyful and energized, which aids to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Remember that fitness is not only about the body, but also the soul. We often hear the phrase, ‘a healthy body breeds a healthy mind’, but it works vise versa too.

Other fitness tips include things like meditation, relaxing, spending quality time with your close ones, realizing your physical limits, not overdoing anything including exercise, taking care of your hygiene, have a skincare routine, maintaining a work-life balance, and many more.