Young children may never know what it is like to live in a world with no cell phones. There is no denying the fact that the 21st century is definitely the age of mobile technology. Today’s smartphones are able to do things that Alexander Graham Bell could only hope to imagine. Here are five cool features that you did not know about your cell phone.

Mobile Hotspot

Today’s smartphones are able to instantly transform into to a mobile hotspot. Laptop and iPad users will be able to easily log onto to the internet from virtually anywhere. Although the mobile hotspot usually adds an extra charge to the monthly bill, the additional fee is more than worth it for some of the mobile users. Instead of being limited to only dialup internet services, rural customers will now be able to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity.

Watch TV

No longer do you need to sit in front of a television in order to watch live programming. There are applications available that enable you to view live streaming of television shows. Once the app is downloaded, you can sit and enjoy hours of live broadcasts. This is surely good news for the sports fans that do no want to miss their favorite team in action.

Remote Control

Mobile devices can actually be used as remote controls. By downloading a few apps and installing a little extra hardware, smartphone users will be able to quickly change the channel on the TV or adjust the volume on a stereo system. A smartphone can also double as a remote control for the car. This includes being able to pop the trunk, unlock the door, and of course start the engine.

Prevent Speeding Tickets

Are you guilty of occasionally driving over the speed limit? If so, then you are surely in luck. Whether you have a BlackBerry from Bell.ca or another similar smartphone, you will be able to download a speed trap application. This will help to prevent you from seeing blue lights in your rear-view mirror.

Accept Credit Card Purchases

Believe it or not, smartphones are now capable of accepting credit card purchases. This is good news for the business person that does a lot of traveling to make transactions. This is also a great option for the small business owners that would like to avoid the expense of a credit card machine.