As technology becomes integral in the daily operations of business, so too does it become more important to protect from various threats. Even seemingly innocuous things like an employee opening an email they thought was from their loved one can result in millions in damages. Let’s take a look at five tech disasters your business could face, and how you can avoid them.

Malicious Software

Malicious software is one of the most common threats that businesses face. Keyloggers can steal vital information, and viruses can spread throughout networks to halt all productivity. The good news is that protecting yourself from malicious software is possible with employees whom know how to put the right safeguards in place. Employees with a master’s degree in information security can protect your network by partitioning your network to minimize threats, safeguard your data and install software that can prevent malicious software from infecting your computers in the first place.

Stolen Passwords

Information is as valuable to gold to certain cyber threats. By knowing the login information of the right people, they can wreak havoc on your entire IT infrastructure. They can go unnoticed for years without the proper tools. Remedying stolen passwords is as simple as putting in a policy that requires employees to regularly change their passwords to something secure. This will minimize the damage most automated software can do.

Corporate Espionage

Although it’s not a pleasant thought, someone out there definitely wants to steal your company’s secrets. Even something as simple as a recipe for food or drink may be enough to allow people to copy your unique products. The best way to stop this is to place heightened security on information that should remain a trade secret. Partitioning your network, for example, can make it impossible for people outside of your company’s building to access certain key files.

Cyber Ransom

For a long time, malicious software that locks down computers and entire networks has been floating around. People are willing to pay outlandish demands just to have access to their information once more. This practice, known as cyber ransom by some, is a common way for malicious individuals to profit illegitimately. Similarly to the first cyber disaster listed here, protecting yourself from this can be as simple as ensuring email and web precautions are set in place while the right security procedures are taught by your IT staff to your employees.

Stolen Financial Information

The scariest disaster on this list is the threat of cyber criminals stealing your company’s saved financial information. Not only does this put your company directly in harm’s way, but it also puts anyone whom has conducted transactions with your business at risk. The best way to stop this disaster from happening is to secure your data properly. Encrypt your financial records and store them in a place that cannot be accessed by outside sources.

The Best Solution for Tech Disasters is Prevention

While it’s nearly impossible to prevent every type of cyber disaster from happening and even harder to mediate the damage that does occur, you can prevent the vast majority of these dangers simply by taking the proper precautions.

Installing anti-virus software, configuring firewalls, constructing safe networks, and separating vulnerable components of your IT infrastructure from outside sources are just some of the things you can do to keep your business safe while preventing tech disasters.