Businesses in nearly every industry are now discovering cutting-edge technology to make major improvements in their efficiency, communications, production, and profits. With more powerful computers, electronic measuring devices, and newly invented power tools, businesses today are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Check out these amazing areas where technology is helping businesses grow.

Getting Connected

The most important improvement a business can establish is getting connected to the web, and this doesn’t just mean installing and internet connection in the office. Business are now growing large, complex intranets to allow employees to file-share securely with each other. Printers and other devices are being networked, and many businesses are offering employees laptops and smart phones to take on the road. These devices are now safe to distribute, even with critical client data being stored on them, due to new encryption software. Getting connected also means getting a web presence, building a website that customers can access to get more information about the company operations.

Customer Portals

Hospitals, doctor’s offices and other businesses in the world of healthcare are turning to patient portals to offer records and result online. Other businesses with customer profiles, especially in the data and information sectors are using similar systems. This new technology is saving costs and reducing the need for extensive records department billable employee hours.

Fuel Efficient Transportation

Businesses ranging from product and part delivery, to transportation companies are now using the cutting edge technology of fuel-efficient vehicles to cut costs. These businesses are turning to electric cars to save on gasoline expenses, and reap the tax benefits afforded to ‘green’ companies.

High Tech Machinery

Laboratories everywhere are now taking advantage of electric stirrers, which replaces the need for lab technicians performing hours of manual stirring. Electric stirrers are not only cost-effective, but they ensure a better rate of accuracy, stirring and mixing materials to a precise, measurable end. Safety and electric laboratory stirrers can seriously help around any laboratory where machines like that are necessary. Other businesses are buying similar high tech machinery to cut costs and automate once-costly tasks.

Automation and Human Resources Software

Many businesses are using technology to make improvements in HR related processes. These automation and human resource software packages can do everything from calculate payrolls, to help new employees get on-boarded. This helps save paper, labor and leaves clean digital records, which is a great improvement over having countless file bins of paper documents.

With all of these technological advancements helping businesses make improvements to their bottom line, it’s no wonder the business world has embraced technology so famously. Businesses today can increase profits and cut labor costs at the same time with these modern inventions.