Many of us can reach the point in our careers where we start to become fed up of the same old and we feel as though we need a change. This can lead some of us to finally take a shot at their childhood dream, but what if your new career could fulfil someone else’s dream? Foster parenting is not something that usually crosses the mind of people when they are thinking of a change in career, but they don’t realise that you can actually receive a good wage that can be enough to live off for themselves and the child.

However, this might not be for everyone. When you choose to foster a child you are going to be making a commitment like no other and it shouldn’t be a decision that should be taken lightly. But if you’re somebody that is good with children, wanting to have a job that makes a genuine difference and wanting to completely change the life of yourself and a young child – then it could certainly be the choice for you.

It should also be taken into consideration that being a foster parent is a job like no other in that you will essentially be working 24 hours around the clock – and this may be off-putting to some. But you should consider how you will be in a career where you will have a bond like no other and be able improve someone’s quality of life and allow a child who has been in a tough situation to still grow to have a wonderful life. The guaranteed pay, the way you will develop personally and the fact you will be working like you never have before means that foster parenting certainly can be considered as a career – and the reality is, there is no career quite like it.