When we think of Apple, we might think of long lines outside the Apple store on the release-day of the new iPhone, or the company’s touching commercials, or even Steve Jobs. While Apple is a distinguished leader in the world of technology, they also use their power to impact realms beyond smartphones and gadgets. Apple Distinguished educators are amongst the most innovative and forward-thinking individuals in academia. Using Apple technology, these educators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the classroom and out in the field. Apple products are known for their reliability, streamlined interface and interoperability between applications.

Students who pursue a degree at an Apple Distinguished Program (ADP) have a chance to benefit from the wealth of knowledge, expertise and proven ability on the part of the educators. If you’re comparing majors, schools, or graduate programs, read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing one of these programs for your academic experience.

The Program Highlights Success

When you’re trying to sort through the various options available, colleges begin to sound remarkably similar and blend together. Many universities are engaged in research that doesn’t necessarily benefit the student body, but merely sounds prestigious. Professors in an Apple Distinguished Program have shown a proven ability to incorporate practical and usable ideas in their teaching and research. Only successful schools can earn a designation from Apple.

Don’t Let Technology Use You

Students are continually being subjected to new technology, and at increasingly younger ages these days. While this may seem to be a good thing, it typically only teaches kids to be dependent on technology and doesn’t make them creators of new technology. An ADP doesn’t just make students use an iPad, it teaches them how to program for it and use it in creative and active ways. These devices can be powerful and dynamic learning tools, or they can create dependency. Apple Distinguished Programs strive to promote learning with the help of technology—rather than letting the technology do all the work.

Increased in Student Learning

Walters State has noted that mobile-learning initiatives have been proven to increase student success, while keeping them engaged in activities. Technology has shown a 10 to 25 percent increase in student learning when technology is applied properly. Schools that are designated as an Apple Distinguished Program have demonstrated an ability to use technology to teach students and help them learn.

The Characteristics of an Apple Distinguished School

Apple notes that there are five characteristics than an Apple Distinguished School exhibits, including:

  • Schools must have visionary leadership where there is a combination of shared, individual and community engagement.
  • Innovative learning and teaching ensured good instructional practices that are geared toward a solid curriculum design that supports student learning.
  • Educators must take part in ongoing professional leadership that promotes reflection, innovation and sharing of ideas.
  • The school must also show evidence of success and have the ability to accurately collect and measure data.
  • Students must take part in a flexible learning environment powered by strong facilities and information technology.


Not all programs qualify for the Apple Distinguished Schools program. Applying to schools that meet the requirements ensures that you are part of a program that cares about learning, and places a high priority on student engagement. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at ACU, who provide a master’s in higher education administration, named an Apple Distinguished Program of 2011-12.