Office jobs carry with them the idea of the 9 to 5 grind, and have been portrayed as boring, tedious and pointless in the media. Real world office jobs actually hold great purpose since no company can successfully run without the administrative work of its employees. The feel of working in an office environment can be greatly improved when special attention is given to some of the seemingly small details.

Quality Coffee Machine

Almost everyone loves a good ‘cuppa joe’ and employees will be eternally grateful for the added perk of access to a quality coffee machine and tasty caffeinated drink options. Today even a simple single-cup machine with a variety of tea and coffee options is available at a reasonable price. The overall value will be evident as employees are happy and productive knowing the company is providing this indulgence.

Comfortable Chairs

Since office jobs involve employees being in a seated position for many hours each day, it’s always a great idea to invest in comfortable chairs. The price difference between a moderate-quality chair and a high-quality chair may seem steep at first, but take into consideration the ergonomic comfort provided to employees and the number of years a high-quality chair will last, and employers often find the higher priced chair to be a better overall value.

High-Quality Desk Accessories

Nothing makes employees feel better about their job than being appreciated. This appreciation comes in many forms, and providing them with high-end pen sets and staplers, quality computers, and beautiful name plates will serve as a daily reminder of their worth. High-quality office supplies can be found in many superstores, and a quality name plate can be found at Artcraft Nameplates, online, or through a specialty graphics store. The personalization of desk accessories conveys the message that employees are valuable and are expected to remain with the company long-term.

Window Treatments

Dressing the windows with well-designed window treatments can reduce the factory feeling of a boxy office space. Many specialized window treatments allow for the elegance required in an office space without reducing the natural light allowed into the space. If a certain corner of the building gets a high amount of afternoon sunlight, it can heat those offices to uncomfortable levels requiring individualized air temperature control. Simply dressing those windows with high-end thermal curtains can prevent the rise in temperature, reducing the energy expended by the HVAC system.


It really is all about the little things. A day to day interaction within a comfortable office space can make the difference between overall job satisfaction and simple salary satisfaction. Employees should want to be at work and do their best. The office space is their home 40+ hours each week, and it should feel comfortable enough to incite efficient productivity.