For those who have been blogging for quite some time now, nothing compares to the rush you get when you blog something you like and people reciprocate it positively. After all, the feedback bloggers get is one reason why blogging continues to be popular as a medium for writing and self-expression. Whether you blog for fashion, food, travel, or life experiences, you’re sure to find an audience when you blog. The audience can be one motivating factor to continue blogging.

But as much as you enjoy basking in the attention your blog gets, let’s keep things straight: you blog because you want to do so, right?

Not all bloggers blog because it’s their passion. Some do blog for business purposes, while others blog just to get attention. The latter is not a right reason, because people can see through your act and might dismiss you as just another famous blogger wannabe. When you blog, you must know in your heart that you want to share something valuable. The attention you get from your blog is just secondary.
With this thought in mind, here are four more thoughts for bloggers out there, whether you’re starting out or have been blogging for long:

Why do you blog?

First of all, why did you start a blog? Is it because you want to write away your stress, to follow other bloggers, or to share your passion with others? Whatever the reason for your blogging, let that motivate you positively. Keep things simple and real, and be honest about yourself when you blog. Nothing’s worse than a pretentious blogger who tries to appear as someone else just to gain the nods of people.

Are you keeping it real?

This is related to question number 1. Do you post things you like, or things that other people blog about? Do you keep things factual? Do you think about what goes on in your life and write honestly about it?

The main idea here is to be honest when you blog. Be honest about your feelings without being offensive. Be honest about your real passions, your favorite things, your thoughts. If you feel like you’re not getting any followers because of what you blog about, think things over. Maybe you need to change something. But if you like what you blog about, then there’s no need to change strategy just to gain all the followers.

Are you happy with your blogging?

Do you find your blogging hobby as a burden because you need to update all the time? If so, then you better take a break first. You don’t need to feel obligated with your own blogging hobby. Update when you feel like it.

Your blogging hobby should make you happy from within. Blog because you love it and it makes you happy.

Do you have a life outside blogging?

It’s important that your life must be well-rounded and balanced. If you find your life revolving around blogging and stressing too much about what you need to post in your blog every so often, then you need to step back and take a breather. Blogging is indeed a fun and productive hobby, but when it makes you downtrodden and burdened, then it’s a sign that you think too much over blogging to a point that it’s slowly controlling your life.

Make blogging an extension of yourself and your creativity. Do other things from time to time aside from sitting in front of a computer and blogging. Go out there, explore, experience, and grow. A good blogger knows his/her limits and doesn’t let blogging take over their lives.

Hopefully, these four thoughts can make people blog better and wiser. Above all, loosen up and enjoy blogging!