It has likely happened to just about everyone. You’re out at a restaurant, having coffee, walking to work, or doing other typical daily tasks and suddenly you drop your phone. Most of the time shock damage to a phone is not that serious because most phones, like Blackberry phones, are meant to withstand it. However, if you drop your phone in water, that’s another issue altogether. Many people feel that water damage to a phone is a death sentence to the device, but this is not necessarily true. Check out the following four tips for reviving a damaged phone and you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and money at the phone store.

Remove and Wrap All the Main Parts

Remove the case, battery, and SD card, as that holds all the information on your phone, and wrap each in a towel or paper towel, whichever is available. Take out any accessories, like earbuds, as well. Don’t ever try to take the phone completely apart, as in removing the keyboard and other small parts, unless you are trained. Wrap each main part and wait for a few hours while the towels soak up the moisture.

Suck it Up

No really, get a vacuum cleaner and suck all the water up from the phone. Do NOT under any circumstances use a hairdryer as this is a recipe for disaster. A vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, particularly one with a wand attachment, is a great way to remove water from a phone. Hold the vacuum cleaner wand above the areas of the phone that absorbed the water or are the most affected for up to 20 minutes at a time per area. Don’t hold the vacuum wand too close to the phone, as that can cause static electricity buildup which is more damaging than water.

Put the Phone in Rice

Four Tips For Reviving a Damaged Phone

This method of drawing water from a phone has been talked about a lot, almost to the point where some people think it is more legend than fact. However, it’s true, you can place your phone, all in one assembled piece, in a container of dry rice overnight and the rice will draw out the moisture. Rice is extremely inexpensive and very effective at water retention and many people have had success with this method, even on cell phones that have gone through the washing machine.


After you have tried one of the above methods, it is always best to wait for about 24 hours before trying to turn on your phone. However, if you still aren’t having luck, you can try one or all of the above methods again. If you still aren’t having luck, it might be time to go to the phone store. Some plans, like Bell.ca iphone plans, have great resources for damaged phones and can help you if the situation is just too dire for a homemade fix.

Hopefully this helps you in the event that your phone makes an unfriendly acquaintance with a body of water. However, the best tip is to prevent this from happening. Always carry your phone in a case and don’t walk around carrying your phone if you can avoid it. If it’s in your purse or briefcase, it’s much safer than it is in your hand.