This evolution of coworking—from a desk and a chair, to a collaborative workspace, to a curated community—will only continue as companies and professionals grapple with the changes in how, when and where we work.” –Author Unknown

Offices—regardless of where they are—are known to be communal spaces shared by you and your coworkers.

In this regard, it is best to cultivate your relationships with your officemates so as to foster a functional and healthy office milieu. Of course, this is not to say that you and your colleagues should immediately become bosom friends without boundaries and go out for drinks every Friday (although that is very much advisable). But do remember that you can be in the swankiest office space for rent in BGC and it would still feel flat if you do not develop at least a good relationship with your officemates. Furthermore, a good and functional office environment contributes to work productivity. After all, when every single one of you gets along, the resultant office ambiance and atmosphere would be buoyant and you will feel much more receptive to working on your tasks. With this in mind, you can expect to finish any of them much faster than in a brooding work environment that may even feel a bit threatening to you. In any case, if you wish to promote to a healthy working environment for you and everyone involved, read on the tips below on how best to befriend your associates:

Say a chirpy greeting to your officemates every time you arrive at the office

It has been said that happiness in whatever form can be infectious. Well, put that to the test by saying a simple greeting to your officemates every time you arrive for work. It can be a simple hello or a good morning or evening depending on what time your shift starts. Greet them with a smile and you will be surprised how your friendliness would invite good vibes onto your day ahead. In fact, this single act can effectively thaw chilly workplace relations.

Engage your colleagues in small talk

Learn how to master the subtle art of small talk by practicing it on your colleagues. Engage them in small talk by asking them how their weekend was, what their interests might be. This could be anything from asking what type of music they have listened to, movies they have seen, books they have read or hobbies they love doing. Asking about them displays your genuine interest in them and you will see how they will become so much more comfortable around you.

Join your colleagues in a sports team

If you are looking for an excellent way to bond with your coworkers and get fit after work, hit two birds with one stone by joining a sports team with them. Most offices have a sports team—whether these may be dodgeball, tennis, basketball and the like. All you need to do is ask where to sign up and join them. However, if your office does not have an existing one, you can simply start one of your own by looking for a health or sports club that can accommodate you and your workmates as well as host the particular sport or activity you might be interested in.

Accept Good-Natured Teasing from Colleagues

A good office banter is an excellent way not only to break the ice, but to establish or solidify some corporate friendships between you and your colleagues. You might notice that some workers will play jokes or tease you at times just to see just what kind of person you are and to gauge your reaction. In this regard, whenever they poke fun at you—whether that may be teasing you about your new shoes or putting a funny screensaver on your desktop, do not get mad. Take it good-naturedly and let them know that you enjoy a good joke—even if it is at your expense. However, know what your boundaries are. So, if the teasing is personal (about your race and ethnicity) and get increasingly unbearable, you may want to see your supervisor or HR administrator as regards it.