While some people probably would describe a few of their coworkers as pest, the ones you really need to be careful of are the little critters who sneak in from outside. Whether you’ve noticed bugs hopping to and fro or mice running around the storage room, what are four things that you, and your colleagues, might be doing to let them get inside?

Leaving Windows and Doors Open

This seems like a fairly obvious answer, but some people do not realize it. They think that leaving the door open will help to expedite the delivery of some new products, or they want to get fresh air on a warm summer’s day instead of relying solely on the air conditioning. These pests do not know or understand boundaries, so they will just come right on in. You may think you can get rid of them by shooing them out later on in the day, but it’s often too late, and you’ll need an exterminator in Portland to take care of them.

Letting Food Sit Around

Of course, most companies have a break room with a refrigerator. Plenty of employees make themselves right at home and put their food and snacks in that area. Still though, everyone needs to clean up after him or herself. These items simply cannot be lying all over the place, or they are going to attract bugs and possibly rodents as well. Try to keep food contained in the break room only. If people start dropping crumbs all over the business, the pest problem is just going to grow.

Pets in The Office

Employees love when their furry little friends are able to come into work for a visit. However, inviting pets into the work place could mean that bugs are coming in with them. Pets could be carrying a number of bugs on themselves, including fleas. If pets are going to come into the office, the owner or manager should at least require that they have had their shots and that they are free of fleas.

Avoiding Inspections and Checks

While you don’t need to be constantly having formal inspections of the property, it is a good idea to check on the structure on a regular basis. The simple lack of observation could lead bed bugs to grow in linens in the break room, termites to tackle the structure of the building and fleas to take up residence in the carpets. Working closely with a local pest control agency such as those at http://www.interstatepest.com, can help you discover problems before they grow anymore. Pay attention to the signs of the office as preventative measures are often the best ones.


Inviting pests into the office is something you definitely don’t want to do, but these mistakes can be a gateway for them.