Movavi Screen Capture is a lightweight screen recorder for your PC that can capture anything on your computer screen similar to a high-quality video. You will be able to record smooth footage of program activities, online events and Skype chats in only a couple of clicks. If you have never tried to capture screen video before, Movavi Screen Capture will take no time to comprehend. You will be grateful to the instinctive interface along with simple controls offered by the software.

Movavi is known to combine convenience with power. You can take advantage of capturing flexible area settings and capturing audio from multiple sources instantly. It will also be inclusive of keyboard and cursor actions in your video provided you desire and save the results in any available popular video format.

Screen recording with Movavi

Screen recording is made possible and easy with screen recording software from Movavi. Let us go through the various steps of screen recording using Movavi software.

Setting desired frame

You should record the screen at around 60 frames per second for a smooth playback experience. You will be given the option of setting a lower frame rate for saving disk space.

Defining capture area

You can drag the frame edges to increase or downscale the captured area as you deem fit. You can also choose from a wide variety of preset sizes or recording full-screen.

Setting audio recording parameters

You will need to choose one or more sound sources such as microphones, speakers, headsets and MIDI devices. You can adjust desired volume to check that your audio devices have been functioning properly. It is believed to be perfect for Skype calls, online conferences along with on-the-move audio commentary.

Entailing click buttons and cursor movements

It will show or hide mouse cursor movement, display keyboard actions in the frame along with recording the video, highlighting the cursor along with setting a custom mouse click sound. It will also adjust the level of click sounds.

Recording PC screen video

Manage the recording process with hot keys or use the handy sidebar by the capture frame. You can take screenshots during video recording in whatever format you need such as JPEG, PNG and more. There will be no need to sit in front of the computer the whole time, as you can schedule the recording duration.

Exporting the screen cast to desired format

You can save your video in the format you desire such as choosing from MP4, AVI, MOV and many other available options.