While it would be nice if the world were always a friendly and safe place, the truth is that sometimes dangers are lurking just around the corner. Thankfully, many devices have been created to provide people stay safe no matter where they are or what they are doing. Here are five great gadgets that make you feel safe at all times.

Smoke Detectors

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire fighters reported to 370,000 house fires in 2011. While fire extinguishers are great for putting out fires when homeowners are awake, fires do not only start during the day time. With properly working smoke detectors, home owners can sleep safely knowing they will be woken up if a fire breaks out in their home.


For people who live in or need to travel through bad neighborhoods, a Taser can really offer them peace of mind. Tasers allow people to travel without fear that they will become a victim of a mugging or kidnapping. If any sketchy characters attempt anything, people who carry Tasers are prepared to keep themselves and those with them safe.

Cell Phone

While a cell phone cannot physically help someone out of a tough spot, it is great for calling for help. Whether people are lost, stranded, being followed or in the middle of an emergency, cell phones allow people to call for help immediately.

Home Security System

It is hard for people to sleep at night when they are worrying about their house being broken into. Thankfully for people looking for better home security, Vivint in Tampa FL offers a great solution. Vivant safeguards peoples’ homes against fire, burglary and break-ins with their state-of-the-art home automation systems so people can sleep soundly, without a care in the world.

Medical Alert Systems

Popular with the elderly who want to live independently for as long as possible, medical alert systems help people feel safe because help is the press of a button away. Many elderly people wear a button on a lanyard around their neck. If they fall and need help getting up or start to have a stroke, they can simply push the button, and medical help will be on its way right away.

While most gadgets are cool, gadgets that give people Lubbock home security can be among the most practical. Smoke detectors, Tasers, cell phones, home security systems and medical alert systems all allow people to live their daily lives without fear.