Geek chic glasses – An under stated style statement


Don’t hide your nerdy trendies under a bushel, revel in them and you’ll definitely get recognized! From horn rimmed glasses with black frames to Tees’ with scientific equations or rules printed on them, there are number of ways to add a little geekiness to your look. Geek glasses are the current suave and sensual fashion item; you can gain access to these without losing your purse string, even if you have 20/20 vision! Whether you are entertaining your biggest client or pedaling your way through the wide open countryside, geek chic glasses will help you achieve your ideal appearance.

Since geek glasses add a touch of intelligence, smartness and sophistication to the person wearing them, everyone in just about every style is donning these eyeglasses! Like the trendy, bag, footwear, or ear rings, geek eyeglasses are quickly becoming an accessory that can fit any outfit. Giving off a vintage, slightly hipster look, geek glasses exemplify individuality and diversity paired with sensuality and a sense of creativity. This hot or not, geeky look is taken on slew of brainy and glamorous fashion icons.

If you are a fashionable lady, you can hardly be resistant to the enthrallment of the geek glasses

Horn rimmed Glasses

The Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses - Alicia Keys, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jennifer Aniston

One of the top trends in geek eyewear and one that has never really been out of trend have been the Horn rimmed glasses. Slightly nerdy, definitely vintage and especially bold, donning horn rimmed eyeglasses will have far-fetched effect on your fashion sense.

Animal Print glasses

animal print reading glasses

Are you looking for a quirky and a fresh look? Chance comes now in the way of hot new trend from the world of eye wear – The animal printed glasses. Reveal your sensual yet wild side with animal printed eyeglasses. Pull a funky and add a touch of eccentricity to your look with these glasses.

Cat eye glasses

cate eye glases

It is said that classic stuff will never be obsolete, and it usually makes sense to some extent. Have cat eye glasses been sort of out-of-date in the present-day fashion world? This season, it looks like Marilyn Monroe’s time has come back Today, they have become indispensable fashion accessories and are on nearly every face you see walking down the street!

Geek chic glasses have gone through ebbs and flows, up and down. Once rendered obsolete and out of fashion, geek chic glasses now have made a huge comeback and become a must-have fashion item. Beyond all doubt, geek chic glasses have their own charm. Hence everyone out there, why don’t you take action and try this nerdy yet bold look?

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