Graduating with honors in Engineering gives you the best feeling in the world. You have done your best and you will start having thoughts of being the best at that which you do. However, a few months later or years after your first job in the applications industry, you may start questioning your progress.

To avoid this, you must have strategies that will give you that competitive edge, success and prosperity you so much dream of. The following strategies will get you ahead and keep you relevant:

Technological adaptation

You will not be able to conquer new markets or get ahead of your competition I you insist on using the same old manufacturing or marketing strategies. You should adapt technological changes and if possible, have all the thermal spray techniques digitalized. You will begin to seen a higher efficiency of operations and a consequent high ROI.

You should employ techniques such as plasma spraying, cold spraying coating and detonation spraying. Technological application also means development and use of software that will result in better auxiliary parts such as the detonation spray-equipment parts.

Invest in education

Besides your honors in undergrad, you have to learn more about applications and manufacturing engineering processes in the market. You will never be too old to learn and pursuing a master’s degree or getting a second and third degree in the same engineering course or a related course will give you a whole round idea into what the market needs. You will be able to provide services and products that will be highly sought after in the market.


You cannot rely on that one job. The current global economy is very shaky and this means that you must be financially capable of staying liquid incase a shakeup or an economic crisis hits.

The other reason why you should go into consultation is that it gives you the chance to gain experience in a wide variety of fields. Besides working in thermal spray technologies, you will get the opportunity to work with or in acoustics, or development of accessories and auxiliary equipment.

Researching and publishing your work will also give you a perfect opportunity to share and spread your knowledge. This will help in landing bigger and/ or better jobs.


You do not have to be unemployed to volunteer. Volunteering to teach about thermal spray coating in a local college or helping with a project will easily grow your career. Besides making you a suitable candidate for future jobs, the experience and the feeling associated with volunteering is priceless.

Improve your communication, social and people skills

You will get to work with several people from different fields and backgrounds. Therefore, you must be able to communicate fluently and effectively to all these people.  Networking events and learning a foreign language as well as professional certification courses will put you ahead of your pack. Eloquence is a priceless attribute.

In conclusion, getting ahead in your career means working harder and getting out of your comfort zone. Take up new challenges, gain as many valuable credential as possible, get licensing and join a professional association and also be on the lookout for opportunities that will help you refine your gained expertise.