Virus and malware makers are getting more sophisticated each year. Now, instead of just making these software for fun and malice, many are actually doing it for profit. One particular type of malware that has been going around is Cryptolocker. This virus is harmful, not just to your data, but to your pockets as well. Cryptolocker is a sophisticated virus that can hold up your computer and getting your data back is not easy.

What is Cryptolocker?

Cryptolocker is a sophisticated program which locks up all your data until you decrypt it with a key. Imagine this: you leave your house, leave some food and water for your dog Fido, lock up all your doors and go to work. When you come home, you realize someone broke into your home, changed all the locks and now you can’t get in (and poor Fido can’t get out). Someone calls you and says that for $10,000, they will give you the new keys. Cryptolocker is somewhat the same.

Most likely, you will get the Cryptolocker malware by opening an email attachment. Perhaps you’ll get a random email from someone you don’t know with an attachment. Not thinking about it, you open it and maybe nothing happens. What you don’t know is that you have activated the Cryptolocker virus. The computer virus takes all your important data, like PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, even your music files and encrypts them with a 2048-bit RSA key. If you don’t know what a 2048-bit RSA key, well, just think of it as the Fort Knox of encryption keys – you will never be able to break into that thing unless you had a super computer, but still it would take a million years to do so. Then, you will receive an email or call and on the other line is the person who has the key. They will ask you for about $300 for the key to unlock all your data. If you have really important files in your computer, you have no other choice.

How Can You Ransom Your Data?

If you really need your data, you won’t have a choice but to pay the ransom. Even if you get a virus cleaner software, you still won’t be able to open up your files. You’ll have to fork over the cash and usually these people will ask for a form of payment that can’t be reversed, like Bitcoin or prepaid money cards. Unfortunately, there is no other way to decrypt the files.

How Can You Prevent Cryptolocker Crooks from Hijacking Your Data?

The best way to counteract this malware is to prevent it from infecting the computer at all. Make sure you screen all emails before opening any attachments. A good anti-virus program on your mail server can help prevent these emails from coming in at all. Another way to protect yourself from this and other malware is by having a good, offsite backup. If you have a cloud-based or other off-site backup, you can simply remove the virus from your computer and restore from a previous backup of your data. Also if you desire data back up and safety solutions which are designed purposely for your business needs then go for IT services. Hiring best IT services is important for businesses to become successful. These companies provide a reliable online presence and develop outstanding IT systems and provide a flexible signal to top business competitors.