Cellulite is a fatty deposits that have trapped beneath the layers of the skin. Signs of this include dimples or lumps appearing in the area affected. Most common areas affected include buttocks, thighs and hips where fatty deposits occur naturally for most and easier for other women.

How to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite Skin cross section
Normal and Cellulite Skin cross section

Many treatment regimes include the use of smelly creams; wearing tight fitting garments; and taking “magic” pills. To be honest some of these treatments may give the appearance that they are working and if you want to try them go ahead, but my research has proven that these “cures” are short-lived.

Below I have worked out a treatment plan to help you get rid of those unsightly areas on your body so you can wear that outfit again or go to the beach or simply feel comfortable in your skin.

You will need

  1. Exercise equipment (treadmill, dumb bells, anything that can be used as resistance for muscle training)
  2. Partner (optional)
  3. Massage oil (olive oil can be used)
  4. Skin cream containing Vitamin E, Collagen and Elastin
  5. Skin firming mask/cream
  6. Skin lightening cream (do not use daily)


  1. Choose a specific time of day. 15-20 minutes of aerobics should be done each day. Use your treadmill, a brisk walk, a stepper or go outdoors for some cycling. (Please ensure that warm up exercises are done before you start any strenuous exercise routine).
  2. Follow with 15-20 minutes of strength exercises or weight training. Don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning so ensure that you start out at a manageable resistance level, as time progress you must increase your resistance. You may use your dumb bells or anything you can find around the house that can be used as resistance for building muscle in the target area.
  3. If you are targeting your thighs or buttocks, leg lifts, lunges and squats can be an excellent starting point then gradually add weights as you progress through your program. (The use of weights increases results).
  4. Next, have partner massage the target area(s) and assist you in stretching exercises.
  5. Apply skin firming mask and use as directed
  6. Have a warm bath.
  7. Apply skin cream (containing Vitamin E, Collagen and Elastin)
  8. (Optional): Apply skin lightening cream at bedtime at least once every three days
  9. This step is equally important. You must ensure you maintain a well balanced diet. Limit the amount of fat, carbohydrates and salt in your diet. Increase your fiber intake and refrain from smoking or consuming too much alcohol and caffeine
  10. Do not wear tight fitting clothing especially for target area and if you can avoid standing for long hours please do so

Try this method for two months soon you will begin to feel comfortable in your skin again.

Tips and Warning

  • Skin types vary so this may not work for you. I strongly advise that consult your doctor or dermatologist to determine which skin care products best suit your skin type.
  • Please ensure that warm up exercises are done before you start any strenuous exercise routine.