A nice, golden tan can make you look better and feel better. Tanning occurs when UV rays penetrate the skin and breaks down the body’s DNA. The body is therefore prompted to produce melanin to darken the skin and protect it from the sun. Some people tan faster than some. For some people, the moment they step out into the sun they get a sun while others have to try harder for that golden appeal. A sun tan should be gained over time; a little bit at a time with sunscreen protection.

Many people would love to find ways of getting a fast tan. Bear in mind that the body cannot produce enough melanin to tan in a few hours. It may take five to seven days of short durations of sun exposure to gain a golden look. Here are ways to tan fast:

  1. Spend a few minutes per day lying on a tanning bed. Tanning beds tan your skin very fast as the direct exposure for five minutes on a tanning bed is equivalent to two hours in the sun.
  2. To tan in direct sunlight, start off by using a high sunscreen all over your and then use a lower one as you get used to the sun. To get a really fast tan, you will need to tan during the best tanning hours “11 a.m. to 4 p.m“. The perfect place to tan is to lien on the sand at a beach.
  3. Check the days UV index and tan when the index is high. This can be found on websites that offer weather updates and reports.
  4. Apply your tanning lotion to lock in moisture.
  5. Position yourself where the sun hits you at the strongest angle. To test the strongest angle, check to see where your shadow is cast on the ground and position yourself directly in line with your shadow. The stronger the sun, the faster you will tan.
  6. Lay on your back for 30 minutes then lay on your belly for 30 minutes. If it is easier, you can rotate for shorter periods.
  7. Another option is to use self tanning lotion to get a tanned look. Rub all over your body and experience the look of tan on your skin. Note that this is temporary as the lotion is not capable of encouraging melanin production in the body

Tips and warning

  1. Tanning beds are not safe because they exert harmful ultra violet rays which damage the skin’s DNA which can cause cancer. They also lead to premature ageing so that you start having wrinkles at a young age. It is not a wise idea to use tanning beds for tanning.
  2. Always wear sunscreen when you are going to be exposed in direct sunlight. Wear it even when it is overcast because you can still get burnt.
  3. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  4. Remember that exposure to the sun’s UV rays damages the skin’s DNA which may lead to skin cancer.