Marketing has always required an artistic approach. It requires companies to be innovative and memorable, but in the modern era is also guided by analytics and data. Successful marketing takes a team with both sets of skills. While every company has its own strategy and techniques, here are some tips for drawing interest in today’s competitive environment.

Social Media Ads

Social media sites are one of the most popular pastimes on the planet right now, and that traffic is still increasing rapidly. Many companies are using it to engage with audiences, but a simpler method is using social media ads. These should be the heart of your social marketing. They allow you to choose which groups you want to target and tailor you advertising to each one. This way you’re getting the right ads to the right people every time.

Search engine advertising

SEO is important to driving traffic to your new company website. But instead of spending all your time on content, you could be focused on search engine ads. You get to decide when your ads appear so you’re targeting your market segment. Your ads will appear along with search engine results in two different ways, depending on the search phrasing: either as keyword-based text ads or as product and price images linking back to your site. This latter provides searchers with a quick price comparison so you can feature special deals.

Mobile responsive

There’s expected to be 5.7 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2020. They research their purchases online before buying, but with all the resources available to them, mobile users expect fast results and a satisfying experience. It takes a different format to suit smaller screens and limited memory. Marketing your new company should involve mobile-friendly designs to create a better experience for, and connect with, this growing segment of users.


If your business will rely on local traffic, signage is still a powerful draw. Today’s on-the-go consumer spends a lot of time on their cell phone, but they also spend a lot of time driving and walking. Billboards in the right location always draw the eye. Colorful ads can be printed in near-photo quality onto weather-proof materials in many formats by companies like Mint Signs and similar businesses. This can result in everything from fluttering banners to unique shapes. Good signage catches the wandering eye of pedestrians. Business signage is still everywhere because it still works well.

Good marketing is knowing who your customer is and how to reach them. But that should come before your choice of graphics or gimmicks, not afterwards.