Windows 10 came as a free upgrade to a number of users across the globe. While some people found it a little difficult to get used to the new interface that Windows had to offer, it eventually became one of the most popular windows version around. This operating system is considered to be very user-friendly and has some amazing features to offer. It even took care of the persistent chrome issue that a lot of Windows users faced. If you are wondering what exactly Windows 10 will do for you then here are 10 amazing features that Windows 10 brings to the table.


If you were always envious of Apple and Siri then Cortana is giving Siri some serious competition. Windows introduced Cortana, the virtual assistant, who speaks to you and responds to you whenever you need her. She is quite similar to Siri but she’s a little more user friendly. The best thing about Cortana is that she is a little funny as well.

Gaming Mode

If you are an avid gamer and you always spend a lot of time gaming then the Windows 10 update is something that you are going to seriously enjoy. This update focuses on the usage of your CPU and ensures that your game does not lag and you are able to play it in the best possible way. Considering Windows are the creators of Xbox you can be rest assured that you will have the ultimate gaming experience with the latest windows update.

The Picture In Picture

If you’re one of those people who love multitasking then this is definitely going to be one of the best updates ever. It allows you to use your movie app or TV app while simultaneously chatting on Skype or using any other app. When you need to do so much and you don’t have too much time in hand this is one feature that definitely makes life a lot easier.

Night Mode

When you spend so much time in front of the computer your eyes tend to get stressed and this night mode helps just a little by automatically adjusting the colour of the screen and making it more compatible with your vision. You no longer need to stress your eyes on a very bright screen or try your level best to read something on a dim screen because this amazing night mode ensures to make the best of the screen adjustment for your benefit.

Dynamic Lock

It is important to keep certain things personal and private and if you don’t want anybody to come and mess with your system when you are not around then this dynamic lock is something that is better and more high end as compared to the previous locking versions that Windows offered.

3D Paint

MS Paint is probably one of the very first apps that you tried out on your computer and it definitely brings back a lot of memories. If you always wished that Microsoft had an update so that you could use more effectively, your dream has finally come true with the 3D paint feature that comes with windows 10.

Inking Photos

While a lot of people believe this isn’t a great app, when you are editing or when you need to print a certain portion of an image then this is the best tool to use. Until recently people who used Windows needed to get an app online to do all this or either use some other application that was externally downloaded on the system. However with the Windows 10 update you can now edit as many pictures as you want without having to stress at all.

Windows Hello Update

If you have always had problems with your Windows hello and it took a very long time for the system to recognise you then the new update comes as a relief where you no longer have to worry about struggling to get into your computer anymore. The latest windows hello update made the app a lot faster and also more accurate which means that there will be no more confusion and it’ll work a lot smoother.

Microsoft Edge

Almost everything is going digital and if you are a fan of digital movies and books then using Microsoft edge can now get you access to tons of movies and e-books whenever you want. This means having access to all of this online and using it no matter where you are. Edge is a great update with Windows and it is something that has made life a lot easier for people because you no longer need to load your system with a lot of ebooks and movies and you can now just get it all online. Edge is super friendly which is why it has gained a lot of popularity. Since most people don’t spend time in movie theatres anymore and prefer to watch movies on the computer they tend to stream them online without having to worry about taking up any space on their system thereby making your system work a lot smoother and faster.

Better Control

All the previous versions of Microsoft Windows tried to control the way you updated your system and automatically updated it without any prior warning. This often cost you a lot of unsaved files that got lost and a lot of data that you never managed to recover. With the new update you can choose when you want to let your system go through an update or when you want to change something. Windows 10 asks you for permission to update your system and you can also select a suitable time as to when you want the update to happen. It also grants you better privacy and it ensures that you are more in control of your system as compared to any of the previous versions. All in all Windows 10 is extremely successful and while the interface might have intimidated a few users at the start, once they got used to it they soon realised that this is the best version of Windows that has been launched till date.