Google has made many changes across all Google products. Few days ago Google announced about their new Google Bar instead of their black navigation bar. On Thursday Google has launched new services called Google Schemer also made big changes in Gmail.

Google brought Google+ further into Gmail with new features that let users add to filter messages by Google+ circle, add contacts to your circles and share photos with them, and see the last post someone shared with you, all within Gmail. Also, whatever profile information your friends have shared with you will be added to their contact information (both in Gmail and the standalone contacts app), making it easier to access things like their friends’ phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Some main Features:

    1. You can find information from the people you care about most.

      Google+ Circles in Gmail

    2. Keep your contact information up-to-date automatically

      Google+ Contacts in Gmail

    3. You can share attached contents effortlessly without leaving your inbox

      Share Attached Contents

    Google will be rolling out these new features to users’ Gmail and Gmail Contacts over the next couple of days, so if you don’t have them right now, just wait for a while. To know more about these new features please read this official Gmail blog post.