Centuries ago men were just as fashion conscious as women, it wasn’t fashion back then. Perhaps it was just a need to discover and try new things. So they adorned their necks and wrists with bones and shells. Later they discovered metals.

Somewhere in Egypt men began wearing gold chains. Soon the rest of the world took to it. The Europeans have a rich heritage. They further developed gold chains and introduced designs such as the Franco and the Figaro chains.

Ask the Italians, the Russians and the Columbians and they’ll tell you what going gold means. Heck you can even include the Asians on this one. A man cannot sport just any accessory; he needs something authentic, he is not to be taken lightly so his jewelry cannot be less than gold.

Gold is lustrous and luxurious; it has a classic appeal and an urbane lure. Gemstones and cabochons set in gold rings, finger bands and men’s gold necklaces are enthusing, enticing and a la mode. Among men’s jewelry, necklaces come in a variety of styles and they have no age constraints.

Necklaces can be worn as they are or teamed with pendants such as the dog tag, the cross or the clock. Remember, when worn without a pendant, a gold necklace looks better tucked in to your shirt than dangling over your collar. You may be familiar with the Bling of the Hip Hop scene but gold chains are more than shiny things.

Don’t overdo it. While you do have the opportunity to choose varying lengths and thicknesses, consider the message you are trying to convey. Most men would rather just throw on what’s in front of them, but you don’t want to give anybody the wrong idea with your jewelry.

You want to turn on the charm and sharpen that edge, while being taken seriously. Gold necklaces can do that for you. Wear slim chains with pendants, but if you’re going solo consider solid chains. If the standard circular link inspires monotony, try the Box chain which is made with squared off links.

If you want something sleek, the Snake chain is just right. Its links are closely interlocked to resemble the tubular body of a snake. If you want to go gangster, the Rope chain is a great choice. Think strands of gold wrapped around each other for a bold look.

The braided design of the Wheat chain is extremely masculine, and the simplistic Curb chain offers an understated sensuality. Men’s gold necklaces also come in styles such as the Byzantine chain, the Mariner chain, the Moon Cut chain and the Cuban chain among others.

People often debate about wearing gold and silver jewelry together. There is no rule. If you want to stand out among the crowds you must dare to wear what you want and enjoy trying out new trends.

If you’re a tad conservative though, stick to the same metal, but don’t be afraid of matching rather mismatching white gold with yellow gold. Gold has a timeless quality; it never goes out of style. It lasts long and requires very little in terms of maintenance.

Celebrities are also sporting gold these days, on and off the red carpet. Even if fashion isn’t your forte, consider going gold as an investment. Men’s gold chains are available in 14K and 18K gold.

If you want to go gold but are concerned about costs, shop online. Yes, jewelry stores with a web presence offer great discounts and competitive prices. If you play it smart, you can also save up on shipping charges. All you have to do is browse the internet.