The popular rating iPhone app Oink, that allowed users to rate and suggest individual items within a store, developers Milk Inc announced that they are shutting down the Oink website on March 31st and the entire company is becoming part of Google.

Milk was founded by Kevin Rose, who founded Digg, Revision3, Pownce, and had been a production assistant and co-host on the now defunct TechTV. Milk was formed in April 2011, after a few weeks Kevin quit Digg. Milk, meant to be a development lab for mobile web ideas.

According to source, Kevin and his entire team will help Google improve the company’s social networking efforts. “I’m beyond excited to announce that the Milk crew (Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, Chris Hutchins and Joshua Lane) is joining Google! ” said Kevin in an announcement made on his Google+ status. Let’s see screenshot of his Google+ status update, below.

Google Picks Up Entire Milk Team. Kevin Rose Will Join Google 1

According to source, Facebook also tried to acquire Milk but Google has beaten out Facebook. So what do you think about Kevin Rose heading to Google? Pleas share your valuable comments.