Gamers who are passionate about racing dimensions and spend hours just in front of their consoles or PCs to beat other racers, Milestone might have a surprise for you. Milestone is an Italian racing specialist bringing wonderful surprises and off-road experience for the racing players called Gravel.

No Roads and that’s the fun!  

If you remember WRC series and other superbike games, Milestone doesn’t really need an introduction to those audiences. He has announced an extraordinary experience of off-road racing where gamers will challenge others on the rough shores of different regions from dunes to deserts. Yes, you heard it right! No roads this time!

Many racers wish to go back in time with their vehicle supercars and race around different regions of the world, where roads were nowhere part of the whole shore. Well, Grave brings the exact same excitement for the racers.

The effect of the weather combined with the daytime which is dynamic is a featured appearance of Gravel where racers will experience the open environment and unbelievable tracks. And by tracks, they mean forests, sand dunes, deserts, dry mountains and snowy mountains.


Exciting Features of Gravel:

  • Wild Rush Game Mode: The Wild Rush Game mode enables the players to open the horizon of the wildest locations in the globe where they can easily crush other players. So one can enjoy the wild ride which no holding back at all!
  • Cross Country Game Mode: Cross Country Game mode allows the players to drive freely where you are restricted to no boundaries at all. They can race with other players in the competitions at checkpoints and steal the show with perfect skits and moves!
  • Speed Cross Game Mode: If you consider yourself as an extraordinary racer who can fight on the real tracks, then this mode is a perfect choice for you! You can showcase your true speed and skill set as an off-road player who can win any and every battle of the race.
  • Stadium Circuit Game Mode: Some racers are just crazy and addicted to the roar of the people watching them. Fame is what they need! If you are one of those, you can enjoy a perfect launch of your supercar in an extraordinary and stunning acrobatics that will blow your mind.

Gravel, Vehicles and You!

Gravel is announcing over 50 stunning and fabulous vehicles featuring the giants from 70s to the latest models. And yes! If you are up for a ride on a Porsche, Gravel is what you need as Milestone is listed as one of the modest developers representing the brand. The iconic list of brands and supercars will leave you stunned because sometimes racers just like to hang on the luxurious and esteemed drives only!

In fact, Gravel is appointed in one of the top steam games under the racing category already! So what are you waiting for “Christmas?” Well, don’t! Because the actual celebration will start after installing the Gravel key and enjoy the racing experience under stunned and unbelievable off-road interface.