Selling products on Instagram sounds like a great idea, due to the fact that you get easy access to your audience and a simple way to showcase your products. This is particularly easy to pull off with items like t-shirts which you have more than several ways of promoting. The problem, however, lies in the fact that you’re not alone in this and there are so many people out there with a similar or the same idea as you. So, how do you triumph where they fail or see limited success. Let’s find out how to sell your t-shirts on Instagram.

Competition is not that big of a deal

The first thing you need to do in order to make it in this field is to overcome the fear of competition. In the clothing industry, brand rivalries aren’t nearly as severe as in some other fields. Why? Well, because there isn’t a single person out there who’s loyal to a single brand. For instance, when choosing a phone some people are always going to choose the iPhone over a Samsung, while Coke people always order it over Pepsi. With clothing, just because someone bought a competitor’s t-shirt it doesn’t mean that they won’t buy yours, as well. In other words, you’re competing for attention, not the customer.

Prepare your profile

In order to start selling your products on Instagram, you need to prepare your profile first. Start by setting up your profile photo. If your business has a logo, it might be a good idea to use it here. Second, you need a well-crafted bio. This should be a way in which you get to present your business to your audience in a couple of simple sentences. Most importantly, you need to have a clickable section of your bio, in which you’re going to include the URL to your store. Of course, in the title tag of each product, you’ll have a link leading to this product’s page on your e-store specifically. Here, you’re just linking to your store, in general.

Carefully choose the photography

Guide On How to Sell T-Shirts On Instagram 1Other than this, you need to carefully choose the photograph that you show on the website. We’re talking about the technique you use to show them. Do you use the real model or do you use ghost mannequin method to present them? The first method seems more spontaneous, yet, the latter is more professional and provides more immersion. Also, it depersonalizes the item, allowing for a person to see themselves wearing it, rather than being distracted by the model. You would be surprised at how much of a difference does such a simple choice make.

Have a worthy design

When it comes to buying a t-shirt, people are going to be focused on print. This alone will make a difference between whether people buy it or ignore it. Even, in the age in which you can outsource every stage of t-shirt design to a company like Allstar Graphics, the original idea still needs to be yours. Sure, entertaining or witty t-shirts sell the most but you can also go for an important stance on a political and cultural issue. In this particular case, stirring a controversy may work in your favor, due to the fact that it drives more attention your way, without hurting your sales.

Expand your reach with Instagram ads

Same as Facebook, YouTube or Google, Instagram has an algorithm that favors sponsored content. This is a thought that a lot of people can’t seem to understand. After all, why would you pay in order to promote your item, when you have an option to do this for free. The number of followers that you have may give you a false impression that this is your true reach or that your reach is somewhat larger than this. Nonetheless, Instagram treats businesses differently.


The most important part of your sales is the hashtag, which can be used to lure in your target demographic in a simple, indirect and effective manner. This kind of inbound marketing is particularly useful since it gives your audience the idea that they’ve targeted you and not the other way around. This also makes them feel a lot more susceptible to any offer that you have to make, seeing as how their guard is down. Whenever you’re the first one to reach out, people wonder what’s your agenda. This way, you may just get to skip this question altogether.

Go for analytics

Just by starting a business profile on Instagram, you’ll immediately get access to so many new metrics that you never did before. Still, for those who are serious about using this platform in order to leverage sales, this shouldn’t be enough. So, what you need to do instead is look for a tool or app providing you with more insight into the problem at hand.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, one of the worst mistakes that you can make is to ignore the rest of your sales funnel and keep your Instagram on an island. Using multiple channels is key to your success and even if other platforms can’t offer you the same ROI or same exposure as Instagram, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t use it. Sure, if it brings you the most money, it’s only natural that you’ll focus on it more heavily, but you should never be exclusive when your business is in question.