Human resources professionals are among the most important members of your enterprise but finding the right one to fit can be a little troubling. By maintaining compliance with complex hiring laws, they help you to avoid liability and can be culture keepers for your entire company. Used correctly, they also ensure you have the best talent available for all positions in your business. So the question comes to mind, “How can you be sure you’re getting excellent value from an HR job candidate?” Let’s look at some qualifications that help an HR candidate deliver for you:

Hiring Experience

Naturally, an HR generalist needs to have a developed perspective when it comes to hiring. However, it’s also important to match the candidate’s skills to your known hiring needs. For example, if you’re going to be building an in-house sales or IT team, this calls for a different viewpoint than if you will be filling key executive roles. Hiring a competent HR director and subordinates can mean that they are also hiring competent employees for all other positions. This perspective is invaluable to your whole operation and should not be taken lightly.

An Eye for Staff Development

As the economy improves, companies are becoming more aggressive when it comes to investing in their top talent. An HR professional who truly understands the career paths of your staff can serve as an invaluable guide for developing their competencies. The HR department will help with training and make sure everyone is up to speed on what is happening within your company. This ensures individual team members won’t stagnate and you’ll get more value over time.

Strategic Skills in Compensation and Benefits

After a certain point, cash compensation becomes a less important factor in an employee’s mix of motivations. An HR professional who understands benefits can save millions by delivering an attractive menu of perks at a lower cost. This reduces turnover, improves morale and ensures greater motivation to achieve promotion-worthy performance.

Education and Qualifications

You want to ensure your new HR hire has the drive to succeed. To be sure you’re getting your money’s worth, look for ongoing professional development classes or a recent advanced degree in their resume. A degree like an online masters of sciences in law demonstrates commitment to be the best and can make candidates standout above the rest. While education is not the end-all-be-all of candidate’s potential value, it does show a certain commitment that might translate into a great employee for you.

Thought Leadership

An HR hire who is a true thought leader will be able to deliver innovation for your company and provide strategic benefits that others can’t. Look for signs that your hire has a strong perspective that other professionals in the field value. Some evidence for this: Writing industry publications, delivering speeches at respected industry conferences or contributing to recognized online sources for HR.

Good HR requires creativity, charisma and clear-eyed problem-solving. When building your HR team, make sure you’re selecting qualified individuals who can amplify your strengths while addressing your challenges. That could save you — and earn you — millions.