There are a lot of ways to improve your website’s traffic. However, boosting the engagement is a completely different thing. There are so many websites, blogs and stores online that people simply won’t be bothered with a page they are not completely satisfied with. This is why around 95 percent of first-time visitors to a company website never return. Needless to say, this statistic is alarming at very least and, in order to improve the effect of your online presence, you need to find a way to improve visitor engagement. Here are a few hacks that might help.

1. First Impression

They say you can never get a second chance at making a great first impression. Because of this, you need to make sure that a visitor’s first contact with your website is as positive as possible. The design must be flawless, but even the most dazzling visuals won’t keep your audience for long if you have nothing to offer. You also need to be practical and outright inform your audience what you are all about. Second, tell them what it is that you have to offer (be it a service or a fresh viewpoint). Last but not least, leave your contact info. Doing just these few things will create an aura of professionalism around you and your website.

2. Improve Your SEO Ranking

Remember, your website is just a tiny island in the vast ocean of the internet, and the only way for a weary sailor to find you is to get illuminated by the beacon of search engines. Metaphors aside, in order to be discovered by people who are browsing through your niche, you need to improve your website’s visibility. The more visitors you have, the greater your chances at engagement are. Now, the best way to do so is to improve your website ranking. The quality of your website’s content, crawler-friendliness and even the domain name play a huge role in this. An extension such as .com, .org or another popular TLD like .me domain can sometimes make all the difference.

3. Engaging Content

Sure, some people are afraid of threading around the controversy. However, sometimes it is the only way to create more engagement. By using your blog section to publish content people feel strongly about, you can make your comments section in one of the greatest internet hotspots. Sometimes, the nature of content is so controversial that people who see it simply cannot help but comment. This way, your post starts living life of its own. They say that 55 percent of users on average spend under 15 seconds on your website. On the other hand, this practice can make people return to the same page again and again in order to see how comments section discussion is unfolding.

4. Social Media is Not So Influential


Finally, even though social media can make your content available to more people, it doesn’t necessarily influence your engagement rate. While people looking up your niche or a topic on search engines are interested in you content, people who come through social media might have just seen the link and clicked it on random. This is the difference between actively stumbling upon your website and passively discovering it.


Truth be told, there is only one thing that determines the rate of engagement of your website- its relevance. As long as its content is in a way relevant to your viewer, you won’t have to worry about engagement. After you have ensured that your content is indeed “engageable,” all you are left with is making sure that it is found by people ready and willing to engage.