There’s nothing quite as annoying as trying to work while a table saw whines away in the next room or a jackhammer mercilessly assaults your eardrums from the street outside. To construction workers, these noises are simply part of the job, but if you work in an office environment, the noise can easily ruin productivity and result in a lot of annoyance. If you’re a business owner who is having construction done on your property or are dealing with the noise from a construction site next door, these five tips should help you keep your employees on task and happy for the duration of the project.

Plan for the Construction Ahead of Time

As soon as you know that construction is happening, find out how parking will be affected and what hours the construction will be going on. Letting your employees know what’s going on ahead of time will get them prepared for the day rather than having them show up to see a bulldozer in their parking spot or find their meeting with a client interrupted by the noise of power tools.

Have Employees Work from Home

If possible, have your employees work remotely for the duration of the construction project. Not only will they love the opportunity to work from home, but they’ll end up getting a lot more done without the distraction of the noise.

Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones do a great job of blocking outside noise while allowing you to listen to music at the same time. They’ve been proven to work wonders for office employees trying to work through construction, and you should definitely encourage your employees to bring a pair (or even help pay for a few pairs) if they’re going to be stuck in the office during construction.

Rearrange Your Working Hours

If construction is going on in the morning and your normal working hours are 9am to 5pm, consider having your employees come in from 12pm to 8pm for the duration of the construction project. You might consider contacting a construction company like Mendelssohn Construction if you have questions about the flexibility of certain projects.

Reward Your Employees

At the beginning of the construction project, promise your employees that you’ll reward them for their persistence during the time spent listening to all that noise. When the construction project is over, take everyone out for a group outing or have a work party. Show them a good time, and thank everyone individually for their hard work and patience. That way, they’ll almost be looking forward to the next construction project!