I’m not an Apple user so I didn’t get a chance to update any of Apple products like iPhone, iPad and Macs. But today, I got chance to update my friend’s iPhone to iOS 7. Oh man, that was great and I really love to say thanks to my friend Vijay, for letting me to update his iPhone..

Okay, now let’s come back to iOS 7. I really like the new look of iOS7 it’s simple and cute but there are somethings I’ve to say.

The Icons:

The new icons are simple and flat (not really flat) but it’s not beautiful than the previous version of  iOS. I really liked the older version of icons especially the Camera, Safari, App store and the Settings icons.  But there is one icon on new iOS7 that I really like, the Photos app icon. It’s really cute than the older one. Check out the image below and tell me which one you like, the old version or the new?

The Wallpapers:

On the new iOS7 you can select Dynamic or animated images and normal images for your device’s background. I like the bubble dynamic wallpaper, which have little bubbles that move around depending on how you tilt the device. If you select a normal image, it’ll give you a fancy 3D parallax effect. Wow, that’s great. Unfortunately for users who want the most out of their battery, it’s a luxury that does nothing but burn power to make your home screen look gorgeous. You can disable this feature by toggling on the “Reduce Motion” option in the Accessibility menu

The Weather appGorgeous Weather App

The new weather app, it’s really gorgeous and I really love this application. The card-style design of the app has been stripped away, leaving in its place a lovely and gorgeous translucent UI with weather images in the background, which is dynamic and changes based on the time of day and the weather conditions. To me, this is a perfect thing as it’s the weather data that I want, not some vibrant pictures.

Hello Siri
Hello Siri

Okay folks, that’s it for today because I didn’t get chance to explore more. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot say about one thing, the one and only Siri. She’s also more beautiful in iOS7. Checkout the gallery above to see more screenshots. I’ll be here with more my iOS7 adventures. See you soon 🙂