It turns out that only 13 percent of employees feel engaged by their jobs. If you suspect that your subordinates are feeling a similar kind of disappointment or disillusionment, it’s time to make a change. Here are just five ways to lift your office out of its funk.

1. Create a Lighter, Happier Atmosphere

Implement casual Fridays. Bring in a cake whenever someone has a birthday. Host office parties for major holidays and employee successes. And don’t only celebrate holidays—surprising your employees with coffee from 11th Street Coffee when they’re not expecting it can be a great way to make their day. There are many ways to lighten the mood around your department, and it doesn’t have to affect productivity as long as you keep it confined to weekends and break times.

2. Change Your Language

You’re a good boss. You want to praise your employees and keep them motivated. However, if you use vague, non-specific language, they’re going to feel like the compliments aren’t genuine. Try to strike phrases like “good job” and “nice work” from your vocabulary. Instead, practice longer and more thoughtful praise like, “I’ve seen you working really hard on this, and it’s perfect! Your effort really paid off.”

3. Hand Out Gift Cards For Small Successes

If you want to boost morale around the office, you don’t have to host complicated giveaways full of rules and sign-up sheets. Just announce to the room that you’ll be handing out a $5 gift card to the nicest employee of the day or the one who impresses you the most with their teamwork. It’s a simple goal with a simple reward that will put a smile on someone’s face.

4. Let Them Create Change

Set out a suggestion box. Read them in private, cherry-picking the ideas that you’re actually willing to implement. Then let your employees choose their favorite one to turn into action. When people contribute to their workplace, they’re much more likely to work hard, feel appreciated and think positively about their job as a whole.

5. Set an Office-Wide Goal

Instead of pitting your employees against each other, ask them to work together to achieve a predetermined goal. For example, you might want them to break the department’s sales record or make at least five people laugh during their customer service phone call. The grand prize can be something that everyone will enjoy, like a new coffee maker in the break room.

Don’t let your employees spend all day staring at the clock and waiting for the moment that they can leave. Use these five suggestions and create an office environment that’s as happy as it is successful.