Twitter has 58 million tweets, 2.1 billion search queries, and 135,000 average new users every single day, documents StatisticBrain. This incredible social media resource is being underutilized by companies. By following the below strategies, a company can get a grasp of how to properly harness Twitter’s marketing capabilities.

Making Sense of Retweeting

Twitter messages consist of 140-character notes, specified hashtags that note who the tweet is intended for and about, as well as embedded links to images. Hashtags and retweeting make up the bulk of Twitter’s deeply involved sharing network.

Users can retweet what someone else says on their page. It is wise for a company to retweet when someone says something positive about the brand. This accomplishes one of two things — it is an act of brand friendship, while 52 percent of retweets contain a url that directs individuals to a certain resource (such as the brand’s website), reports, GovLoop.

Personalities Work

Twitter is an environment for people. Facebook has different page types for a local business, an online brand, a celebrity profile, or a charitable cause. Twitter lacks these different page types because it is a place for people-oriented sharing. Brands would be wise to share unique and personalized information, being authentic and not ‘too corporate,’ and learning how to portray a certain tone, suggests an official Twitter Business article.

Twitter Integration Done Naturally and Sensibly

Companies are failing to harness the power of Twitter because they are not naturally integrating it. Entrepreneur confirms that Twitter is not just some spammy looking logo on the side of an article. Add a Twitter link in the article itself, or encourage users to follow you on Twitter as a person and not a brand. The Twitter logo should be prominent on the home page, and not stuck next to a slew of other social media platforms that may go unused.

iAcquire NYC has integrated Twitter in a unique way by changing the design by embedding user images into each specific tweet and retweet. It is a way to change the layout and design to increase overall awareness and brand individuality.

Discount Deals Always Speak Volumes

In a more sales-oriented approach, discount deals are valuable and commonly shared. They have various uses including:

  • Loyalty programs: Loyalty programs have been somewhat abandoned in the social media age, but they are constantly being replicated through Twitter’s user base, notes Gray Wolf SEO. Add a Twitter post that contains a coupon code, and add a time limit to it. This makes a Twitter follower feel special and cared for, because they were able to see the Twitter post and act in time.
  • Exclusive Coupon Feeds: The Twitter account ‘couponcodes’ exclusively offers special deals for various brands. A company can establish a main Twitter account, but also another count that exclusively offers discounts. this keeps one personal and emotional, and the other strictly about sales. Some businesses prefer to combine these entities, but be sure to make the coupon codes special and at random times to encourage a steady reviewing of the brand’s content.

Real Business.com suggests refining your social media presence. When using Twitter, do not dilute it with ten other social media resources that divide your audience and are all being used at half potential.