As the old saying goes, “no man is an island” and the same is true for businesses. Businesses need customers to survive, of course, but they also need other businesses. From the supplies that you need to run your business to parallel companies that can offer valuable referrals, businesses are generally dependent on other businesses to truly be successful. Here are 3 ways that businesses need other companies to succeed.

Supply chain

From cartridges for your printer to business cards and letterhead to the raw materials you need to make the product you produce, every business is dependent on a wide range of other businesses to supply what they need to conduct their own business. Companies that actually make a product to sell are also dependent on suppliers like Productive Plastics to supply the raw materials they need to make their product.

Sometimes, these materials have to be specially manufactured for a company and often even designed according to very detailed specs. From service to manufacturing, every business can benefit from having an extensive network of complementary services and professionals that help to improve quality, efficiency, and overall success.

Specialty companies

No business would be able to function for long without telecommunications companies that keep them connected or hosting sites for their websites. Marketing and promotional materials are also important for most businesses and they need specialty companies to manufacture and print specialty items like cups, mugs, buttons, magnets, key chains, pins, stickers, flash drives and/ or any other products that a business wants to use to market themselves or give away as promotional items.

Partner organizations

Smart phones would be more or less useless without a wide range of developers that design the apps that make them so smart. Digital cameras would be useless for creating works of art without printers that turn photos into something that can be displayed on a wall and businesses that manufacture the frames in which they are displayed. Almost all businesses are dependent on other businesses to create the products that help their own products function or give value.

All businesses are dependent on other businesses in some way, both inside and outside of their respective industries. Even getting your products into the hands of your consumer generally requires the assistance of a delivery service or even an auto dealership that provides the vehicles that deliver your product. This is part of the reason why networking is so important, because businesses need each other to survive and thrive.