You simply hate it when days like these pop out and you’re virtually helpless. You have a bad cold and you need to call your boss that you cannot manage to show up for work today. Sweet! Your boss tells you to rest and take your medicines. Unfortunately, your boss is a shrewd dude. This person thought it would help you to make your resting time worthwhile by e-mailing you some writing stuffs to keep you busy at home. You have another problem because regular cold medicines will make you drowsy. How can you do extra work when you’re sleepy and dizzy with cold? Herbal medicines can offer you relief without the annoying side effects of regular pharmaceutical medicines.

In case you don’t know, herbal medicines are now gaining considerable recognition because they are effective, safe and affordable alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal medicines are derived from plant or plant extracts. More specifically, the term herbal medicine connotes the use of relatively crude or combined plant extracts for therapeutic purposes. It can be a root, leaf, fruit or the dried form of the herb. In this way, herbal medicines could be differentiated from the usual drugstore medicines that have one component that could come from plants. Herbal medicines are all-natural and nothing in it is synthesized in the laboratory.

So what herbal medicines would smack you out of your condition? You can prepare herbal tea out of catnip leaves to bring down your fever. If you also suffer from runny nose, the herbal medicine that is best for you is a steam vapor made out of eucalyptus leaves and a pinch of thyme. This herbal preparation would relieve your bronchial areas and help fight infection in your nose and lungs. If sore throat is your problem, you can also find relief in herbal medicines. You can concoct a ready-made herbal medicine made out of peppermint leaves and some honey. The list of herbal medicines that are proven to be effective can go on and on. It is only up to you if you would want to try herbal medicines.

Yes, pharmaceutical drugs are good. But these do not offer the best remedies because these medicines can have unwarranted side effects. Some people are even allergic to specific type of drugs. Since herbal medicines are all natural, these are the safest available alternative to things sold at the drugstore. You can even take herbal medicines as a food supplement to increase your resistance to various illnesses. The best thing is that you can have your herbal medicines right at your backyard. You would not have to shell out humongous amounts of money just to be relieved of your illness when you choose to take herbal medicines. Call your boss back now and advise him to take herbal medicines for headaches. Probably, you might just score yourself a raise when you do this.