With every passing year, the demand for truck drivers in the US is increasing.  Currently, according to Teletrac Navman, there are over 3.5 million truck drivers in the US. In the 29 states, truck driving continues to be one of the most tedious jobs. This includes California as well.

Despite the increasing number of truck drivers, there continues to be a shortage of them. In fact, according to the head of Brenny Transportation in Minnesota, wages in the state were increased by 15 percent to attract more people towards the profession.

Additionally, according to the Washington Post, there is still a need for more than 51,000 drivers to meet the demand from firms like Walmart and Amazon. After all, as such companies begin offering their services across countries, their shipping needs have also increased.

If you are looking to get a truck driving job in Los Angeles, CA, here are steps you should take

Pass California’s Regular Driver’s License Exam

There are a lot of truck driver jobs in Los Angeles, CA. Before you can think about applying to any of them, you must begin from the basics.

Residents of any state of the US are not allowed to drive any automobile without the presence of a license.

And, in case of driving a commercial vehicle, you will need to attain a commercial driver’s license. This will take time and a lot of preparation. While you are doing so, get a hold of a conventional driver’s license so that you get qualified to start driving a truck.

Compete Basic Education and Professional Training requirement

In the US, before you can become employed, you will need to meet basic education requirements as well as get professional training in driving trucks.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, most employers who hire labor the long haul require applicants to at least have a high school degree. This, along with a CDL, are imperative for getting hired as a truck driver.

On top of this, you will also have to gain professional training as well. There are private truck driving schools in the state which train you to become truck drivers in a few months. Such a program can also ensure that you easily get your CDL.

Earn the required licenses and certifications

Apart from a CDL, you will also need to give the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulation exam and pass it. This exam also tests the applicant’s sight and hearing abilities while assessing their knowledge of the prevalent traffic laws.

Every person who wishes to become a truck driver will have to attain the required licenses. But is that enough to ensure that you get a job in the field? You will need to stand out from other applicants. And this is where certifications and registrations come in handy.

For instance, you can get a “combination vehicle” endorsement, which can allow you to drive school vehicles, trucks, semi-trucks and tanker trucks, etc.

Apart from this, you should hold a CLP, or Commercial Learner’s Permit, which allows you to gain experience while you get your CDL.

Look for jobs

Now that you have the knowledge, experience, and licenses required to be eligible for a truck driving job, you are ready to begin searching. If you opt for a truck driving school during your journey of becoming a truck driver, you might be able to find job boards as well as mentoring programs in your school. This will help you with getting a good job.

Even if you don’t have such resources, the classic way of job hunting will help you in securing a job. This is because, as discussed before, there is a constant need for more drivers in the state and elsewhere in the US.

Don’t settle for the first employer that makes an offer. Instead, analyze each offer and firm thoroughly before accepting the offer.

Are they providing quality benefits? Are you satisfied with the pay-scale?

Find an employer who offers you the best package. Also, make sure that your employer takes the required safety measures and follows the prevailing labor laws of the country. It is better to keep searching then settle for a dangerous and subpar position!

Congratulations! You made it

If you follow each of these steps, by this point, you will have succeeded in getting a job as a truck driver. Now, you will be required to complete an in-house training program of almost four weeks before you begin hitting the road.

Gain as much on-the-road experience as you can. Well-paying truck driving jobs at prestigious companies require a minimum of two-year practical experience. If you wish to make a steady career out of it all, gain the right exposure, and switch for better prospects when the time comes.

Good luck!