Smart home products are the newest trend and, this year, some of the most innovative offerings in history have become reality. For today’s busy families, more and more products can be controlled right from your smartphone whether you’re home or not. Additionally, according to a recent Coldwell Banker survey, 60% of real estate professionals were seeing smarter home features which were helping the homes sell faster. Fortunately, there are now a sufficient number of choices on the market to allow homeowners to design the perfect smart home. Here are our top 4 home automation systems designed to make your life ultra-comfortable.

1. Ovens with Brains

For those that love baked goods but who need to get out of the heat, there are a couple of new ovens on the market that are almost too smart to be believed. One in particular analyzes the temperature in your kitchen and adjusts the thermostat for that room accordingly in order to keep you cool as a cucumber while you create your favorite recipes. No more slaving over a hot stove all day for you. In fact, once you pop the goods into the oven you can walk away and start it whenever you want with a click of the app on your smartphone. Additionally, the software in these new ovens can be updated remotely by the manufacturer as new design concepts are created thereby keeping you and your appliance in-vogue.

2. The Future of Closets

It may seem like something right out of the Fifth Element, but the newest concept in closet organization is actually based on the design of a dry cleaning business. The electric motor manipulates your clothes with each item hung on a separate spindle. The spindles are numbered and, once you’ve organized your closet and loaded the rack, all you have to do is press a button on your app to find your favorite blouse or shirt. No longer will you have to dig through your crowded closet or fight with hangers that insist on getting tangled with each other. Additionally, every closet organizer is custom built so it will fit any space.

3. Home Theaters

The original concept of the home theater has gone by the wayside and in its place has appeared an experience that rivals a night at the movies in a theater. Two new options are on the market that are challenging current choices on the market. Both are projectors but with very different uses. In a dedicated home theater, the newer 4K projectors can display an incredibly crisp 120-inch picture on any bare wall plus it’s multifunctional. You can not only watch your favorite movie but also read a book or magazine, surf the web or listen to music. The second option is more portable and can even run off a smartphone meaning it can be taken on trips, poolside or even on a picnic. At only 2 pounds, it has built-in speakers, zooms to the size of an 80-inch screen and has a 2 hour battery life so can be used without pre-planning or dragging a generator along. Of course, with today’s need to stay attached, it’s also important to bundle your connections with television providers, like Solarus. You never know how much you’ll miss instant access until it’s gone.

4. A New Refrigerator for a New Generation

The newest concepts in refrigerators are those that will not only remind you of important meetings and things needed from the store, but will also do many other things. It’s hard to believe that the appliance was originally designed only to keep food cold. Today’s newest refrigerators can allow you to leave notes for family members, manage schedules for multiple people, play music, order groceries and even watch your favorite TV shows while you cook. Additionally, they have multiple cameras on the inside that will send you pictures of what’s been used every time the door is opened and closed. Want to know what you need from the store? Just tap the app and your list appears.

In today’s market it’s easy to turn any home into a smart home and the world of home automation is only getting better. Everything from robots to light bulbs now come with software designed to make your life easier. Best of all, it is now being used to increase home values as well as help them sell faster. If you’re ready to take a step toward the future and create a smart home that’s designed to work with you, there’s never been a better time.