Having a mobile pulse taking device is a great benefit within the home, particularly for those who are suffering any health issues that can be measured with a fingertip pulse oximeter. At St John Supplies we have a good range of oximeters available for very competitive prices. Each device is designed to be very easy and rapid to use so you can instantly ascertain whether there is an underlying issue that will require medical assessment.

Home Oximeters

The Nonin GO2 is one of the best pulse oximeters on the market. It sports a digital interface with a durable outer shell which can ensure that it lasts for many years. The backlit LCD display is great if you are working in the dark and need to take your pulse very quickly and accurately. The Nonin PureSAT processing technology is designed to be trustworthy when you need it most and should work with everyone in your family from adults to children. The device automatically switches on when you place finger into it and switches off when removed, thereby saving the batteries and increasing the chances it will work when you need it to. The batteries themselves are triple A and will operate for around 21 hours of continuous use or 2400 spot checks. Alongside the 2 year warranty, this device is a great investment at around £75 for an individual or a family.

If it is to be used in any professional settings, the Nonin GO2 not only meets but exceed the recommendations made by ISO 9919:2005, making it a device you can truly put your faith in.

Medical Grade

When it comes to medical grade oximeters, the price can increase quite dramatically, rising from hundreds to thousands of pounds. The Nonin 2120 is designed with an alarm that can be set by the user. It is still a portable device that is built to last for many years, but provides the best in technology with motion tolerant, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring (NIBP). The device itself is designed to be very lightweight and as unnoticeable as possible when it is being worn. The battery is also designed to be as convenient as possible with the best quick charge NiMH battery being used that will provide long lasting performance.

As with the previous model of oximeter, the Nonin 2120 Avant can be used by both children and adults. The 3 year all round warranty makes it a reliable investment, while the warranty increases to 5 years for specific damage incurred when the device is dropped. Because a device like this is vital to the health of patients, an annual validation check up courtesy of PROACT medical is available to ensure that the device is working correctly.

It is always important to match the oximeter device you want with the requirements of the patients. A home check-up device is great for those odd occasions where it may be required, but if there are specific underlying medical conditions that need constant medical grade monitoring, a more expensive and professional option will be required.