“I still think buying a home is the best investment any individual can make.” –John Paulson

As anyone with experience in home selling would tell you, there is nothing more frustrating and stressful than trying to put up your properties for sale. More often than not, it is not realistic to expect a sale overnight and at times, you would sit for months at a time waiting for the next prospective lead or potential sale. Apart from finding a buyer, you have to keep your homes pristine and presentable for home viewings at all times as you would never know when a buyer might want to schedule a viewing of your home. And in a stiff and competitive market, every little lead you get matters—so much so that rescheduling is never an option as you might lose their interest.

So, how do you ensure that would sell your homes at an attractive price in a competive real estate market climate? Well, before you put up your condo for sale in Manila, here are some things you may want to take note of:

Get a storage unit

If you have lived in your home for a significant amount of time, there is a likely chance that you are going to have clutter lying around. Your immediate instinct might just be to show everything into closets but this is a bad idea. You might think that your prospective buyers would not be checking out what is inside your closets, but they would definitely want to check out the storage spaces. For this reason, you should never overlook any of your storage cupboards or closets. Any storage area that is in disarray would definitely turn your potential buyers off and would highlight the fact that the home does not enough storage space. In this regard, opt to have a storage unit for the house for things you would not need while it is on the market.

Hire a professional to stage your homes

Home staging is one integral aspect most home sellers overlook. But when it comes to successfully selling a home, staging your home and photographing it in the best way possible are paramount. You want your homes to be depicted in the best light possible and you can only achieve that with the help of a professional. One reason why staging your homes is so important is because this is what would encourage potential buyers to make the call and check the house for themselves. So, spruce up and make sure everything looks in place.

Team up with a good real estate agent

Do not hire real estate agents just because they are your relative or someone who is from your fraternity back in college. Look for a professional with an excellent track record of sales that would prove they have the capability of selling your home and selling it fast. They should know what the benefits of living in your neighborhood are and what could be the potential downsides of it. To know whether a real estate agent would be a great partner in selling your home, check their reviews and communicate with some of the clients they have worked with. After all, you would not want to be working with a smooth talker who is only bloating up his or her reputation. You want someone who can actually deliver.

Promote it

Do not simply rely on printed ads to promote your house listing and property. You want to ensure that it gets seen in every platform possible. In this regard, you might want to get savvy and promote it all over social media—you might just be surprised that one of your followers or Facebook friends is actually looking to buy. Everyone is almost always online nowadays, so why not exploit it while you can?