As new technology is being introduced to us every minute, finding the balance between features, overheads, information security, and danger prevention can be quite challenging for any small or large business or companies primarily because of the choosing the best and suitable business technology solutions can have significant impact on the company’s overall growth and productivity.

In this article, let’s tackle why in-house servers are beneficial for your business operation and the way to go for stepping up into the competition in 2018.

Why In-house?

A comprehensive Information Technology consultation is necessary for IT infrastructure in order to back up the operations in several parts of the business which are over-dependence on computers for various operations. Having professional IT consultant is vital for every companies or businesses who are involved in data acquisition and receiving sensitive information in large batches.

This is because they can help the business to choose what kind of server is applicable to use based on the different circumstances and system requirements – most especially on choosing the right cloud hosting and in-house server like HPE servers that are reliable and cost-effective.

It may not be a practical decision for both small and medium-sized businesses to invest in a cloud computing environment or servers. For example, most small and medium-sized businesses use the in-house server for file sharing, hosting applications, emails, and other office operations. However, as of today more and more them has now integrated their computing processes by using cloud services which replaces or an alternative to an in-house server – but sticking to the in-house server will still work for your business simply because it lets you completely in control in the server and eliminate your dependency on several cloud services for safety and information protection.

If you still can’t decide on choosing the best business solution, below are the main reasons why in-house servers can still work in 2018:

In-house servers will be low charges in the future

Setting up hosting servers may not be a practical choice for small business mainly because it will charge you a large amount of money for purchasing the suitable hardware. However, compared to the maintenance fee of cloud hosting, in-house servers will significantly decrease in the long run and unlike cloud computing, it doesn’t need an annual subscription fee. All in all, it’s still an ideal choice for opting for in-house servers because it will cost you lesser than to a cloud hosting service.

In-house servers don’t require strong internet connection

Cloud server purely depends on a strong internet connection in order to access the stored data but in the in-house server, you don’t actually need an internet connection to make alterations and browsing the data. All you need to do is to have an access to the different buildings in your business’s location. Additionally, you don’t need to worry if your business site is temporarily down because, in in-house servers, you don’t need a third party or internet connection to troubleshoot the issues.

In-house servers offer strong data security

No one can access any sensitive data or business information if your data is stored on an in-house server aside from other business employees. In this way, all your data will be protected against any attacks and it will become more safe and secure. On the contrary, cloud hosting services have a higher possibility that all the secured data will be diluted as it involves several third parties that are authorized to access the data.

In-house servers are highly customizable  

If you decide to mount the hosting structure which meets your business needs based on your industry’s environment. This is because you don’t need a third party server services for customized server services all you have to do is to determine and take note at the things you want to purchase such as computers, network equipment, and other requirements of your organization

In-house servers give you complete access and control over an infrastructure

Aforementioned, using an in-house server like in your company allows you to have the ability to control and access all the information on the different departments or infrastructure in your business. Unlike, cloud server hosting services that need permission from a third-party to access the server, in the in-house server you have all the hardware and software premises. Additionally, you don’t need to depend purely on the cloud hosting services for the safety of your data and its security.


Using in-house servers also has its downside, for example, you will need a large amount of money for software, hardware, and other requirements when you obtain or mount in-house servers in your business. IT expert is also necessary for server monitoring and maintenance, common processes such as updating software and hardware upgrades.

As the options for different solutions are widely available, it is important to choose the well-suited and best computing approach and servers in order to improve your business’s overall productivity and performance.