Google News aggregates headlines and news stories from websites all over the Internet, and displays them according to user preferences/search terms. News features are subjected to various filters including news type and region. In addition, there are stories published as top stories, editors’ picks, industry headlines and ‘suggested for you’ features.

Your business should be interested in Google News listings because, according to research, 60 percent of Google searchers trust Google News even more than the sites they come from. Therefore, a high ranking in Google News (GN) can mean higher business value, even apart from traffic, revenues and brand awareness.

The Internet is saturated with content; a good portion of which is quite good. This makes ranking highly in any of Google’s organic search pages a tad difficult. This article provides some practical tips to help your SEO Utah expert create and share content that will be included in the News tab of Google organic search.

  1. Content types

Create relevant and timely news content that meets the needs of your GN audience. Content that does NOT fit this bill includes job advertisements, tips and advice posts, how-to articles or information-only content like share prices or weather. Articles must be news-rich.

  1. Trust and expertise

Create content that reflects industry thought leadership and expertise, as this increases its chances of showing up in Google News. Write only about what you know. The articles should present a clear opinion according to experience in the field and should be accompanied by trust signals that reveal Authorship, telephone numbers and physical business addresses. Users attach more value to content that includes author biographies and contact information as a sign of accountability for the content shared.

  1. Readability

Articles should be clearly written with proper spelling and grammar to maximize user enjoyment of content. Limit the inclusion of auto-loading videos and adverts, which can distract users from the actual content.

  1. Technical tips

Just like regular search, Google News content is algorithmically searched for and discovered, therefore, your technical factors should be taken care of. Some of these include:

  • Permanent and unique anchor links and URL addresses that offer content description
  • HTML content only – other content types such as JavaScript and PDF files are not crawlable and hence will not be displayed. In many cases, multimedia content is excluded, with YouTube videos being the exception in random circumstances.
  • Have an accessible domain hosting the content to enable search bot access