Augmented Reality sounds like a futuristic concept but it has been here already. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and many other mobile applications are providing augments as a feature with their camera settings. Before it was a virtual reality that has done a remarkable job and many industries are still rolling their business on the virtual reality. However, among all these developments and advancements of the technology, augmented reality is also changing the future of the industry. As major co-operations are facing revolution challenges in marketing, they also have to modernize with technology, to stay ahead of the time.

Social media platforms are mostly used for fun or entertainment marketing and this might make you think about how it is reshaping the industry of the future? Well, there are many possible ways to reshape business models to stay in the trend and never let the market lose your brand. Let’s see the ways AR is changing the future business trends.

Real Estate

Living in your own home and decorating it as you like is the ultimate dream of everyone. Right now, you are supposed to select it through pictures and designs but AR is changing the complete game. 2D & 3D models are introduced for users to interact with the designs. Builders can display properties and users can also modify colors and check the furniture options too.


Despite all the branding and marketing, the dilemma of online buyers is still bothering many retailers. In the future, AR can turn many potential customers to the online shopping trend. Buyers can judge the product in a realistic environment. Also, AR glasses will reshape the shopping trend by displaying updated product catalogs at the stores and retailer shops. It is definitely turning upside the way people shop.


Augmented reality will help tourists and travelers to check nearby locations and can also translate signs into their native language. It seems more fun but AR in travel is also changing the way people travel. One can bring back 3D models of visited landmarks as an amazing memory. Students who travel for the educational purpose can gather information on their smartphones easily.


Healthcare is one of the major industries that demand change. The current situation of the department is an indication of the need for technology. The existing process can minimize the long queues and save time. We don’t have enough doctors and not enough time to check every patient and prescribe medicine face-to-face.  AR is saving the human effort through its smart algorithms diagnosing the depth of vital condition of human body and surgeries are more successful than ever.


As science is moving at a very fast pace but society is still struggling with a huge amount of information. The human mind cannot analyze the large data through the mind so 3D models will help students to grasp the idea of complex information easily.


Moreover, the world is facing its 10threvolution and only the business with strong technological understanding/or implementation will survive. So, if you want your mobile applications to make a big impact in the future, build them with the latest technology trends. Evolving with technology trends like VR or AR is the only way that your business can survive in the future.