Businesses are always seeking ways to improve their brand awareness. While considering promotional tools, it is better to use those that have a functional use. A good example of such tools is custom tote bags which, besides being useful carriers, act as moving advertisements whenever they are in use.

The beauty of custom tote bags is that they are cost-effective, long-lasting, and versatile. They have been embraced by many businesses across industries such as retail, real estate, marketing and advertising, non-profits, and many others. They are also suitable for various population groups.

This article looks into how you can use custom tote bags to optimize your brand awareness.

Choose an attractive design

It is critical to come up with an attractive design for your custom promotional tote bags and have your company logo displayed on the large printable area. The placing of the logo should be strategic to allow as many as possible to see it and introduce the brand to them. The logo should also be visible from a distance to increase its impact. Your tote bag design should also factor in the recipient of the bags when you give them out so you can tailor the tote bags to their taste. While you are at it, you need to work with reputable manufacturers to make you top-notch custom bags that will achieve your promotional goals. To find one of the best manufacturers, you need to visit this website and engage them.

Employ social media

It is common to include the account name for the company on different social media platforms on tote bags. This can be done below the company logo, name, or image, which can be a nifty advertising idea. The reason is that not only the users of the bag see it, and even other people who they interact with or pass on the street can check out the company on those social platforms, thus increasing awareness. Your business may also run online promos and contests on social media or your website and gift the winner with a custom tote bag. These online activities will help in encouraging engagement as well as enhancing the company’s brand awareness.

Give them out at events

Attendees at events like trade fairs or exhibitions like to visit stands that give freebies, right? Capitalize on this by customising your tote bags so that the attendees come there in huge numbers and you can hand them the free tote bags. Your brand will not only earn some affection from the recipients of the tote bags but it will also get free publicity as they walk around with the branded bags. Those recipients will also carry those bags to their home or workplace, showing their retention value and giving your brand even more awareness.

Use durable materials for the tote bags to build brand retention

If your custom tote bags are made of quality materials and have a great design, the customers or those who get them will certainly retain them for a long time. Those users will have the brand on their minds as long as they use those tote bags. Your company could also give out or sell custom tote bags that have a long life to replace or reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, thereby sending a message of caring for the environment, hence boosting your company’s image even more.

You can use custom tote bags in the above ways and your creativity can allow you to optimize your brand awareness without breaking the bank and with little harm to the environment. Their functional use, long life, and versatility make them a useful and effective tool for putting your brand out there.